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  1. Florida Spoon SW388 / Falken Azenis RT615 18x9.5 +40

    Gotcha. Do the Spoon wheels rub at all while it's lowered? I was told by SpoonUSA that it would rub.
  2. Florida Spoon SW388 / Falken Azenis RT615 18x9.5 +40

    Well shit, no shipping? I'd be interested if shipping was available.
  3. Spoon Springs vs Eibach?

    Do you need a camber kit (are there even camber kits for FL5?) after installing Spoon springs?
  4. Haters

  5. Haters

    I didn't fix it until I sold the car like 20 years later. I had most of the dents repaired with paintless dent removal. Some of the dents weren't completely fixable and I believe that one was one of them.
  6. Haters

    I highly doubt paintless dent removal will be able to fix that. People are assholes. I had a brand new Integra GSR back in the day and like the first week of owning it, some dipshits in a Mustang threw a battery at my car on the highway, put a similar dent on my car.
  7. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    Has there been a fix for the seat belt rattle? That seems to be my biggest problem area. I've tried lowering it all the way down, raising it all the way up, doesn't seem to make a difference.
  8. Fender vent mesh?

    Those that have done this, did you remove the front wheels or is there enough room without having to remove them?
  9. Spare installed

    Is the Type-R's spare different than other 11th gen Civic's spare? From what I've heard, nothing is a 100% direct fit for the Type-R, it creates a little "hump".
  10. Apexi vs Spoon exhaust FL5?

    You ppf'd your exhaust? I didn't even know that was a thing. I would think it would melt.
  11. Official BOOST BLUE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    I immediately paint corrected, PPF, and ceramic coated mine upon delivery. The shop that did the work said the paint was in good shape and didn't require much correction. The parts that I didn't PPF (roof, rear doors, hatch, spoiler) don't appear to have any scratches that I can see. The only...
  12. Spare installed

    How does it fit?
  13. Blackvue DR900S Dash Cam and Battery Hardwired Install

    The DR900 does have live view but you will need to be near it's Wi-Fi in order to connect to it and view it. There is an LTE module that, I assume, will let you view it live from anywhere. There is also the DR770X-2CH LTE which has built in LTE. Also, there is a subscription model that...
  14. Blackvue DR900S Dash Cam and Battery Hardwired Install

    So I decided to try this and it went somewhat well. I was able to get it installed and working but ran into a few bumps. I wasn't able to hide the wire on the final piece of trim on the hatch. There just didn't seem to be enough space for the wire to fit in. I tried the double prybar method...
  15. Official: 2024 Integra Type S Pricing & MPG Released

    So if dealers mark this up, it's going to cost about the same price as a TLX Type S and approaching M2 territory. Yikes.
  16. Blackvue DR900S Dash Cam and Battery Hardwired Install

    Oh dang you did it! I'll have to try it out.
  17. Blackvue DR900S Dash Cam and Battery Hardwired Install

    So you were able to route the wire through the wire shroud that connects the cabin to the hatch? And then through to that nozzle cover? Did you use any tools besides the endoscope? I want to tackle this project and so far, your install is the cleanest.
  18. Car wash process with ceramic coat?

    This is my first car to have PPF and ceramic coating so I had to figure this out as well. There's two types of washing, rinseless and traditional. Rinseless is basically just that, no pressure washer. I use two buckets, both with grit guards, and a Maralex pump sprayer. First bucket I use...
  19. 2024 Acura Integra Type S World Premiere!

    Not impressed at all. It looks exactly like every other Acura in the lineup, it has no soul.
  20. 2024 Acura Integra Type S World Premiere!

    Seeing as there isn't a badge number in the interior like the CTR, is the ITS not going to be as limited as the CTR?