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  1. Does Your 11th Gen Need a Bath? How do you wash your car?

    I picked up P&S absolut Picked up P&S Absolute rinseless wash and holy what a game changer. You’re right about the rabbit hole though lol
  2. What did you pay for your FL5?

    It’s brutal unfortunately. You’re super right about judging it by the golf R up here too, that was my train of thought as well. Unfortunately comparing and converting to the US pricing is always tough, because it seems like a deal for them but we’re still stuck actually having to fork over 63k...
  3. What did you pay for your FL5?

    This is my main issue with the car, even at MSRP in Ontario, Canada, you’re basically at 63k after tax. That’s way too much imo, especially when the 2017 FK8 was (I’m pretty sure) just under 50K all in. I ended up with an Elantra N with snow tires, rims, tint, and ppf on the front for 49K all...
  4. How far away from other cars do you park your FL5?

    Always park where there’s a curb/island on the other side, or the very end of a row. Bonus points for the spots that have the island around the back of the spot so nobody can park behind you.
  5. Backup plans - what's yours?

    I ended up actually getting an Elantra N manual after driving one. Couldn’t justify the cost of the new CTR despite having a deposit down for a while. Elantra N was insanely fun for the cost. I don’t trust the long term reliability of it at all, but I typically don’t drive more than 4-5k kms per...
  6. 2023 Civic Type R Pictures @ Nurburgring/Street Driving

    Previous tester was on PS4S. This looks the same, but can’t tell 100%.
  7. Does Your 11th Gen Need a Bath? How do you wash your car?

    Check out the subreddit r/autodetailing if you are starting out, they have a very comprehensive wiki on basically anything you could think of asking for starting out. I usually do 2 bucket wash and spray detailer at a minimum, probably once a month. Once the weather warms up I do a wash, bug...
  8. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Well, had some significant changes in the financial situation between the GF and I (for the better thankfully), and I have unfortunately had to cancel my Type R order as we are going to be getting into a house. For those in line at Image Honda in Hamilton, you're all moved up one spot now lol...
  9. Type R Release Date

    They confirmed last year that it is not being produced in the UK and the factory there has been shut down. Hatchbacks have been moved to Indiana.
  10. Fuel economy issues?

    Im assuming you mean by not downshifting a bunch of gears? I usually only go straight to 3rd or 2nd depending on my speed, and then straight to neutral from those. Should never have to drop more than one gear in normal driving.
  11. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    I doubt they actually have the choice of choosing a colour right now, otherwise it likely would have been posted by a sales person on the forums here. They’re most likely thinking of the Si. I’d be absolutely shocked if they don’t offer Championship White on it.
  12. MSRP Only Dealerships For 2023 Civic Type R

    As much as I would unironically love a green option, I'm 99% sure that that's just a trick from the lighting.
  13. Fuel economy issues?

    I go from about 6.4 l/100km in my current (2012) civic when I’m doing 105 kph, and end up usually around 7.5 while doing 115 kph. Your speed is a massive factor in fuel economy, not all highway driving is equal. This is also reported from the computer. For true mileage, you really need to record...
  14. Are they lying about the Type-R track times??

    Trying to extrapolate fine margins from video is useless, never mind that these are likely 2 different cameras as well. This just seems like bait to try and get a viral video. Never mind this likely isn’t the actual track timing data being displayed either.
  15. Be careful...

    You can usually reset the auto-limits, not sure if you’ve ever done it. I’ve done it with 9th and 10th gen civics by manually rolling all the way up, then hold the auto-up there for 10 seconds. Then manual all the way down and hold auto down for 10 seconds.
  16. All New 2023 Civic Type R Sets New Suzuka Circuit Lap Record! 🏁

    “Officially unveiled this summer” So the very end of August lol
  17. ? 2022 Civic Type R Spied Inside & Out (First Interior Shots)! 265/30/19 tires revealed.

    There was the timeline someone posted a while ago of Honda’s internal release timeline, and the type r was after the new CRV. So hopefully they’re showing the CRV at NYAS, then we’ll get some news for the type r shortly after.
  18. ? 2022 Civic Type R Spied Inside & Out (First Interior Shots)! 265/30/19 tires revealed.

    Wow, fall this year. So that will be out before the new Type R at this rate lol. Looks good though, I’m interested to see what the weight is. Not super interested in the car tbh just due to the interior space of the regular Corolla hatch, but it seems like it’ll be a wicked driver’s car