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  1. 2023 Civic Type R Sets New FWD Track Record at Nürburgring!

    Hey, if Honda promises to put this tune and these gears in a Phoenix Yellow whatever-grade car any time soon, I wouldn't be mad! :D
  2. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    You can brag all you want about how much money you afford to spend, but bragging about overspending when you didn't need to makes you look like an idiot. No one's bragging about paying ADM, because they're not stupid. They accept it as a bullet they're willing to bite. But you do you, buddy.
  3. Rollout of the FL5 and the Big Tease - Decreasing want for this car?

    There's been an LE sitting at a dealer in my area for a while with only 1,600 miles and the price has been slipping every couple of weeks. Ngl can't say it hasn't been tempting.
  4. Rollout of the FL5 and the Big Tease - Decreasing want for this car?

    Still looks like solid plastic to me, but I found some guys talking about some replacement grilles and just cutting the rear vents themselves. Really works for me tbh lol
  5. Rollout of the FL5 and the Big Tease - Decreasing want for this car?

    Aegean Blue and Phoenix Yellow definitely fit the FK8 best IMO. I just can't get over the fake vents. Are there any kits that open them up in the front and rear?
  6. PNW meets, hangouts, etc.

    In Seattle, there's Lake Washington Cars & Coffee. There's also Bellevue Cars & Coffee at Cypress Coffee in Eastgate. Both are Sundays 10 AM every week.
  7. PNW meets, hangouts, etc.

    Hope we can throw together that'll be worth the trip over! Do you go to any of the regular cars & coffees in the area? Been meaning to go to more, but can never get up early enough on Sunday D;
  8. Rollout of the FL5 and the Big Tease - Decreasing want for this car?

    I'm sure in 6 months, everyone will be in a better mood.
  9. PNW meets, hangouts, etc.

    Anybody else in Seattle area? Won't be looking for our FL5 for a while yet, but would be cool to meet other owners, prospective owners, and generally fun car people in the area. You know, keep each other company until our cars show up, and then cruise around together! I think there are only 4...
  10. Rollout of the FL5 and the Big Tease - Decreasing want for this car?

    It's odd to me that pricing and availability are such big deciding factors, considering that they're temporary. But what a car is, on the other hand, is not. And not to mention a compact sport hatch/sedan has never been a "need" car. So I can't really understand the urgency. An FL5 tomorrow or...
  11. Is anyone backpedaling from Type R to an Si?

    You bet there will absolutely be repos.
  12. Rollout of the FL5 and the Big Tease - Decreasing want for this car?

    You can't really be mad about the FL5's scarcity when you didn't even try out the competition beforehand. How could you know how much you'd even want an FL5 if don't know how good the other options were? Depending on what you're actually looking for, if the FL5 really was the only car that...
  13. Is anyone backpedaling from Type R to an Si?

    Why do you need 12 doors in your garage when you have 4 people in your household?
  14. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    My intuition is that early models are also subject to more abuse. Within the first model year, it's not uncommon for a car to go through two or more owners with different driving styles, maintenance, storage, etc. Buyers near the end of a model cycle are more likely to keep their cars longer...
  15. Wanted an Si, getting an Integra; thoughts vs GR86.

    Sorry you had to bounce around so much. I hate buying/selling cars, so in your situation, I would've just stuck with the Si in the first place. Glad the Teg worked out for you!
  16. Thoughts on FL5 vs FK8 Type R (by savagegeese)

    On the LC 500, a car that costs twice as much as an FL5, (and many other exotics) it's only a couple plugs that need to disconnect to keeps the exhaust valve open all the time. All you do is lift up the rear, pull the plugs, and tie them up somewhere so they don't get damaged/cooked/etc...
  17. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Media Launch Questions for savagegeese?

    Thank you for the insight! Almost makes me feel like I'd just be better off enjoying my Evo. Kinda the best of both worlds, save for the lack of a hatch. GRC forum talked about this a lot. This wasn't a coordinated move between Toyota and Subaru...
  18. Thoughts on FL5 vs FK8 Type R (by savagegeese)

    Hmm... One option costs money and you'll have to wait. The other is free and you can do it right now. Not a hard choice if you ask me.
  19. Here's how to remove shipping blocks from FL5 Type R (my dealer forgot to remove them at delivery)

    Great guide! I was very curious about this. PDI is kind of a joke these days. We picked up our MX-5 with 40 psi in all the tires and the tie-down plugs uninstalled. Might as well have done nothing at all, since I would've much preferred to take off all the plastics myself.