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Search results

  1. FL5 Type R Spoiler Painted Boost Blue

    If there was a way to wing delete and not leave holes I would consider it, but I bet it would change the driving dynamics a lot in a negative way.
  2. FL5 Type R Spoiler Painted Boost Blue

    Was definitely thinking of doing this, but I may leave it black. I think I would have to do the mirror caps and sharkfin in boost blue too, which is a lot of blue.
  3. Type R Thefts

    You know Texas still has a ton of vehicle theft right? Top 10 when looked at frequency of theft and also one of the biggest percentage increases in 2021-2022 vs prior year of any state according to several insurance data sites. The delusion of guns making you safer continues…
  4. 2024 Acura Integra Type S World Premiere!

    hate to say it but this rear end with the extension of the diffuser black up to the license plate area is fugly
  5. 2024 Acura Integra Type S World Premiere!

    The fuck they do with the rear diffuser and why does it come almost all the way to the top of the bumper? :-/
  6. Custom DIY WeatherTech Type R Floor Mats

    Let us know how this pans out for you. I’m beginning to not care much for the OEM all-weather mats and may do this for the next PNW winter.
  7. Random thoughts of a 4 month owner...

    2300 miles in and and it still feels like the first 23.
  8. FL5 stock exhaust valve: Fuse pulled/always open - exterior sound clips

    Just to be clear, for this to work you end up with the fuse out entirely right? I got it to the open stage, now I just pull the fuse and it stays open for-ev-ver? Edit: this is what I did and it seems good to go, just want to make sure I keep the fuse out. Edit 2: I should have planned this...
  9. A-Pillar clip front driver (routing dash cam wires behind A-Pillar)

    My dealer had to take off the a pilar and said these clips always need to be replaced.
  10. Cena’s Daily is a CTR

    I know, it seems weird, but pretty awesome for a guy who can afford anything to have an appreciation for this car. CTR ftw
  11. I'd like my FL5 to sound like ___________.

    I actually got a compliment on the stock sound the other day while cruising through a parking lot I got a nice but subtle gurgle. I’d definitely like a bit more sound just for drivings sake but I don’t mind it as-is.
  12. Cena’s Daily is a CTR

    Never liked this guy a whole lot, but think I’m coming around… https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a43427674/john-cena-honda-civic-type-r-daily-driver/
  13. Official: 2024 Integra Type S Gets 320 HP!

    I think people are saying tacked on because they’re more like what you’d find in the aftermarket rather than a bespoke set of front and rear fenders found only on the FL5 within the Civic lineup. Based on what the wrapped prototype looked like it seems they will be, for lack of a better term...
  14. Hatch Lighting

    It may be, but it doesn’t seem nearly that simple. I’m figuring they used the same setups as the other 22-23 models so took this video as a bit of background on them. Doesn’t seem like a simple nor easy swap so may wait till I install a new rear view before I start pulling shit apart. Start...
  15. Hatch Lighting

    I threw a red one in for fun. I actually want to swap the dome and map lights to red but can’t really determine what type of bulb they use.
  16. Official BOOST BLUE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    You also gotta get the center caps whited out with the red logo would look 🔥
  17. Official BOOST BLUE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    Those babies look like fine china. I like it but the white makes it look like it needs a beefier tire or a drop.