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  1. JB4 Tuner Civic Si Guinea Pig

    I'd be careful when making comparisons with another vehicle manufacturer. Infiniti and Honda do not necessary handle such matters the same way.
  2. PRL Motorsports N1 Exhaust System Development for the 11th Gen Civic

    You could always ask @PRL Motorsports for permission. :D
  3. Good dealers in Southeast US (or ships to Southeast)

    A buddy of mine just bought an Accord and was jerked around by a few dealers before finding one that would sell at MSRP. You'll be hard pressed to find a car on a lot anywhere but they seems to willing to get customers lined up for future allocations. I'll PM you the name of the sales guy he used.
  4. Crystal Black hatchback

    Sounds like you have your heart set on it... nothing wrong with that. Get what you like and enjoy! :)
  5. Crystal Black hatchback

    Black looks great when it's clean! My Si was black. Never again. ?
  6. Tuned 2022 Civic Si - Hondata FlashPro - CARB Pending - Big Gains!!!

    I can't speak for @Hondata but it seems like simply touching it is a no-no as far as CARB approval goes.
  7. PRL Motorsports 11th Gen 2022+ Civic Si Baseline Dyno Test

    To further clarify, yes, it was a different dyno. I believe this is noted on the TSP website if you read the details on that tune... In fact, I just went and found it: "Please note that all testing was done using a different dynomometer from our Si tunes. Because of this, total power numbers...
  8. PRL Motorsports 11th Gen 2022+ Civic Si Baseline Dyno Test

    Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. If they dynos are not the same we really should not compare the two data sets.
  9. KTuner 2022+ Civic Si Tune Results - Fantastic Gains!

    Very impressive @KTuner and @D-RobIMW. Thanks for putting in the work for the rest of us!
  10. Tuned 2022 Civic Si - Hondata FlashPro - CARB Pending - Big Gains!!!

    Per the request of the OP, this thread has been reset. Let's try again. Stay on topic. If you want to discuss something in private, use a PM. The new thread button is also easy to find, if needed. :thumbsup:
  11. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    Off topic posts removed. Please stay on topic or make a new thread elsewhere.
  12. Question ... Please - torn between 2022 Civic Hatch LX or 2022 Accord LX?

    I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  13. Tuning options for 2022+ Si?!

    So far the VTEC for the 11th gens has been used more for fuel efficiency rather than performance. :confused:
  14. CivicX 2.0 Cat-back

    No check engine light with a cat back. ??
  15. Honda will debut the HPD Civic Si and THR-W Civic Si race cars at SEMA 2021!

    Looking forward to seeing these next week. :D
  16. 1.5T TSP Stage 1 Tune for the 2022+ Non-Si Civic - Now available!

    Based on what we saw with the 10th gen Civics I would say it heavily depends on your local dealer. Some care, others do not. There are numerous verified reports of warranty work being completed on tuned Civics.
  17. 27WON Meet the 11th gen Meet

    That is a skill I never picked up but I'm sure you would have some buyers!
  18. 2023 Civic Type R Official Teaser From Honda!! "Ready for Nurburgring Testing."

    This information is worthy of a thread of it's own, especially if you have anything else to add to it. Very interesting.
  19. 2022 Civic Sport Looks Great In Red

    I like the looks of that one as well.