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Search results

  1. Seat Recall Gone Wrong?

    For sure. I'll be bringing it in next week.
  2. Seat Recall Gone Wrong?

    I have the opposite problem. My seat doesn't squeak at all and I got a notice 😂
  3. Official BOOST BLUE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    Got some rollers the other day
  4. First ever autocross event in my FL5

    I was able to ride with the fastest person there that day. Man was a MENACE!
  5. Official Wheel Fitment Thread for 11th Gen FL5 Civic Type R

    Do you know if lowered and what tire size was?
  6. First ever autocross event in my FL5

    Teach me your ways :D
  7. What did you pay for your FL5?

    Not a bad deal at all in this market. You basically paid ~5k ADM (but you got actual stuff instead of straight markup) + Cost of CF wing. Congrats!
  8. First ever autocross event in my FL5

    Word. I'll probably come out to watch and learn. I've no idea how to prep for a full track day yet
  9. First ever autocross event in my FL5

    I definitely caught the bug. Will be going to more events in the future. Thanks for the kind words!
  10. Vehicle Names

    Mine's named Penny cause she's the most expensive car I've ever owned. Cost me a pretty Penny
  11. First ever autocross event in my FL5

    Thank you for watching! 🙏
  12. First ever autocross event in my FL5

    I enjoyed it very much! Never had tire squeal like this before haha
  13. First ever autocross event in my FL5

    Hey ya'll, Ever since I bought the FL5 my friends have been encouraging me to come out to autox and HPDE events in the car. I finally caved in and went to my first ever autocross at Summit Point. Highly encourage anyone who can go to attend. I learned a lot!
  14. Change units on infotainment system for FL5 LogR

    I haven't tried yet but I'm thinking if you change your speedometer from mph to kph it might change from psi to bar. Just a thought