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Search results

  1. KTuner 2022+ Civic Si Tune Results - Fantastic Gains!

    They have to cater to the people who buy a $25k car but won't spend $4 more per tank to get premium fuel.
  2. Tuned 2022 Civic Si - Hondata FlashPro - CARB Pending - Big Gains!!!

    If the integra wasn't coming out I bet Honda would have advertised 220hp
  3. Picked up 2022 Civic Si Sonic Gray - my review & first impressions!

    I guess I'm the only one who likes "rev hang", I can shift really smooth for my daily driving.
  4. My Si fresh off the truck

    What starter has to be installed? You can't put a remote start on it if that's what you are referring to.
  5. 2022 Civic SI: The price markups are coming

    To think I paid $25,800 (with destination) for a brand new Si this year and now 10 months later a similar car is $32k or more is nuts.