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  1. Reserved your 2022 Civic Si? -- Add it to CivicXI Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Finally got mine a couple weeks ago :). I'm at 800 miles now. I'll write up all my impressions in a bit. Keeping it high level for now... I absolutely love it. It more than fills the GTI shaped hole in my heart. I thought I would feel worse about the things the USA model didn't get, but each...
  2. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I really appreciate this response. I’m not looking for performance. I’m not a numbers focused driver. I want the feeling of acceleration/performance and as much fun as you can possibly get out of street driving. I don’t autocross or Track my cars, but I live in a mountainous area with lots of...
  3. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    This is super interesting to me. I have an SI on order but after the $2k worth of addons the dealership requires, it’s only $3k less OTD than an Elantra n. I test drove one yesterday (looks far less hideous in person btw). It’s actually an incredible machine, but I was only able to drive the...
  4. Vtec decal

    Here’s the decal on its own
  5. Vtec decal

    My white si doesn’t get here until April. In the meantime I’ve been looking for a vtec decal that is reminiscent of past gens but new and accurate for this one. I haven’t found any so I thought I’d take a shot at putting together my own. I’d love thoughts and feedback from the community . If we...
  6. Got my black 2022 Si this week - first impressions after 90 miles

    OP said they had a 10th gen civic but it wasn’t an SI
  7. Everyone loves the 11thgen 2022 Civic Si : Straight Pipes review - “Perfect Civic!”

    Such an interesting perspective! And I mean that in a sincere non-sarcastic way. It all depends on what you’re buying the car for. I guess If you’re serious about tracking, good feelings don’t win races. For me, numbers don’t make me happy. Good feels make me happy.
  8. Rev indicators in the US models

    ? I'm definitely exaggerating. More accurately, I'm excited to have a good daily that doesn't sacrifice the back seat and gives me a bit of that race car feel whenever I want it. But nothing tongue in cheek about the rev indicators. I think they add to the fun. If that's shameful I will bear...
  9. Rev indicators in the US models

    I know I'm in the minority for caring about this. I can get over a lot of what Canada got over the US model. I will miss the heated seats, but I can get over that. What I'm most sad about are the rev indicators. I'm buying an SI because I want to feel like an F1 race car driver when I'm getting...
  10. Poll: Your favorite color on the 2022 Si

    You need to see the white in person. But with the black emblems, it’s like this car was designed for PWP.
  11. 2022 Civic Si - US vs CA features - HondaPro Jason

    I have a white one on order, but I hadn’t realized how much had been lost from the previous gen. Inexcusable with the price hike. I’m going to wait for the embargo to be lifted and see what the pros have to say, but I really might walk away from my $500 reservation fee. So disappointing.
  12. Picked up my crystal black 2022 Civic Si today

    Love the black. Congrats!! Does the US version have any kind of shift lights, sounds or other indicators?