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  1. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    i see!! what a lucky deal! hahah! i'm just waiting, i'm willing to wait until the very last year for a msrp deal. congrats again and thanks for telling me how it went down. can't wait to see what else you do with it! :thumbsup:
  2. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    congrats on your FL5 my dude! i was wondering what dealership did you go to, to get that 1k over msrp?! that's a great deal considering other places charging so much... I'd love to know and it'd really help me out! thanks in advance.
  3. Didn't Fit In The FL5, So I Bought An ITS

    congrats brother! it looks beautiful.. can't go wrong with the integra type S!
  4. Pennsylvania CW FL5 For Sale (2023)

    contrary to your belief, I really was curious to how he got the number. The more information i have the smarter decision i can make in the future. but that's hilarious! thanks for the comic relief clown. 🤣
  5. Pennsylvania CW FL5 For Sale (2023)

    ah! ic, so the market has the car at 52kish... that makes sense. so you had some kind of baseline and not just a price you threw out there. Thanks for answering my question, and thanks for also not taking it as a condescending or negative question. Family always comes first. hope you got to...
  6. California FS SoCal: Volk TE37SL Mercury Silver 18x10 +40 265/35/18 Falken RT615k+

    love your car brother. and the wheels on that rallye red, omg. hahahah. not sure why you'd sell, especially with such a little amount of time with them. i think your set up is beautiful.
  7. Pennsylvania CW FL5 For Sale (2023)

    what a beautiful car. hey, but why are you selling the car for more than i can get it brand new? is it because of the mark up you paid for the car? i'm trying to wait to get a brand new car for msrp. So far, I get it today for 3k over, which would make the car 47k and some change with less than...
  8. Civic Type R-GT Revealed for Japan's Super GT Series (GT500 Class)

    drooooooL 😲😳🤩🤯 thanks for posting this, freakin amaze balls.
  9. Negative attention

    dude, that's super whack. i get if people are stoked to see the FL5 type R. it's an amazing car, but please be respectful. it's not worth anyone's safety to do stupid things. I hope you get less negative attention in the future. drive safe my friend.
  10. New Chin for the R

    hey, i'm glad you like it, and i promise this isn't throwing any shade because i'm sure it has it's functionality and to each his own in terms of preference, but in mine, i think the stock looks better. but with that said, i really like your build and your car is freakin dope. i really hope you...
  11. Black Civic Type R w/ Track Package

    what a perfect combination. the wing, the color, the wheels, damn... beautiful car.
  12. FL5 Paint Thickness

    you wrote this in January. It's June now, any updates? was it worth while getting the expensive "protection" .... thanks in advance! :)
  13. Official CHAMPIONSHIP WHITE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    thank you so much for your update. i love it. really appreciate it. and congratulations on your car. it is exactly how i would get it. it's beautiful.
  14. First FL5 Type R at Santa Monica Honda

    I know the sales manager over there. She sent me some pics and told me this one is selling for 25k over sticker to some guy in his late 30s.
  15. Official CHAMPIONSHIP WHITE FL5 Type R Photos Thread

    I know the sales manager over there. She sent me some pics and told me this one is selling for 25k over sticker to some guy in his late 30s.
  16. Video: FL5 spotted on SoCal freeway

    why thank you kind sir! hahahha.
  17. Video: FL5 spotted on SoCal freeway

    i am the camera man. it was not planned. i was just driving and spotted it.