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  1. FL5 Oil Filer, same as FK8?

    I believe all Honda filters are the same with exception of the S2000.
  2. FK8 Type R rear sway bar compatibility

    I've been running the FK8 rear sway for several months now and it really balances the car out on rotation. I ran the Tail of the Dragon in June and the car handled VERY well even with the crappy OEM all seasons. You will definitely need the brackets and if your bar doesn't come with the CTR...
  3. Looking for better front brake pads for a '22 Civic Si.

    Thanks for the updates! Glad to hear the Powerstop front pads seem to hold up well to your trackday. At $60 a set that's a good option. I assume these are the front pads you used? https://www.amazon.com/Power-Stop-Z23-2115-FrontCarbon-Hardware/dp/B08MXBXWLC
  4. Brake pad options for Si?

    Thanks for posting this. Carbotech is now making pads for our cars but they are pricey. ~$300 for a set of fronts.
  5. 2023 Civic Si Spring Rates, Motion Ratio, Ride Frequencies, Autocross

    What can you modify in STH? @FL5 Love your car and I remember seeing the HART 6th gen Civic Si at VIR back in the early 2000's
  6. Brake pad options for Si?

    Yeah, unfortunately, the 10th and 11th gens do not share the same caliper design. The 11th gen Si uses the caliper from the Accord Sport 2.0. Here's a thread highlighting the front pad issues: https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/looking-for-better-front-brake-pads-for-a-22-civic-si.50367/
  7. why are mugen and spoon parts so expensive?

    Brand recognition. Years ago I heard that Rolex $10k timepieces were worse at keeping time accurately than a $60 Seiko. I'm not implying Mugen or Spoon parts are worse than other companies but certainly not 4X better in performance.
  8. Looking to upgrade Front BOSE separate component speakers

    I haven't installed them yet but will in the next few weeks. I'll post an update when I do.
  9. Help shift knob😭

    Use a plastic interior panel pry tool to separate the metal (silver) clip from the shift knob. Straighten the knob and then tighten the locking nut with a 14 mm wrench. Push the snap ring back up to the knob and you are done. Pretty easy to do.
  10. Online parts availability?

    Try: dreamshop.honda.com have part numbers, diagrams, etc.
  11. Mishimoto catch can kit installed on 2023 Civic Si

    Wish I could as you all aren't to terribly far but my weekends are pretty busy with life/kids/etc. Thanks for the offer though! I will be purchasing a direct fit option when it becomes available.
  12. Mishimoto catch can kit installed on 2023 Civic Si

    Looking forward to installing the 11th gen version when it comes out. Any ETA on when it will? Thanks -Jamie
  13. Civic Si (L15CA) Reliability

    Any update to this project?
  14. Axion Industries 2022 Civic Hatch Sport Touring Street/Drag build

    Nice! Stock bottom end? Or are you using a built bottom end?
  15. Axion Industries 2022 Civic Hatch Sport Touring Street/Drag build

    Sweet! Summary of details of the setup? Received PRL HV intake from you all this past week! Loving it so far!
  16. looking to buy/fix 2022 civic sport 2.0 L with front end collision damage

    I'm pretty sure the circled area is where the ECU is located. The Civics of the past with the ECU in the kick panel is gone. It looks in the photo like it's been pushed back and in. I would thoroughly look to make sure the electrical bits are all functioning and if there are not price what it...
  17. looking to buy/fix 2022 civic sport 2.0 L with front end collision damage

    I'd be worried about what's underneath the airbox and if the ECU was damaged. The transmission and lower subframe sits directly underneath the airbox and it also appears the fuse box(s) are damaged. You have to figure in if it's worth it to you to replace broken/bent parts and still be dealing...
  18. The Tuned 11th gen Experience & Reliability Thread

    Thanks for taking the time to compile all of this data for the forum members. It will be interesting to see the long term reliability of the 11th gen is vs the 10th. I'm inclined to think the 11th gen is just as reliable as the 10th gen with similar strengths(tunability and efficiency) and...
  19. Silvers Neomax Coilovers (review) on 2022 Civic Si

    I think what people are wondering is the wheel/tire combo you are running and an estimation of how much you lowered your car on your coilovers.