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  1. Cheap Wheels Thread

    I think he meant Apex Wheels
  2. Honda CF Wing specs?

    There is a PDF in here that tells you the torque spec. https://www.collegehillshonda.com/fl5-honda-civic-type-r-r-performance-accessories/08F02-T60-100.html When you don't have a torque wrench, just go by common sense and tighten it reasonably hard, which is way more force than the torque spec...
  3. What did you ppf?

    I chose to PPF: Full Front, high-touch Piano Black trims (the part most would use to close the door), Door Sill Areas that exist in normal Civic, Rear Bumper Cover Appliqué Places I wish I did PPF: Full Roof, Rear Wing (upward facing only), the flat part of side skirt if it was not chipped...
  4. EPR Wing.

    The EPR Wing appears to be the Modulo/OEM Option CF Wing copy that you can get from Amazon. I would not go for it.
  5. Break-in / misc

    While most people definitely not have the perfect Owner's Manual break-in procedure sort of environment, the key point is vary your engine loads when you can help it instead of an Italian Tune-Up. If there is some good long mountain roads near you, somewhat spirited drives during break-in miles...
  6. Reverse Gear not showing Back-up camera

    It does after you start to move in reverse.
  7. If you PPF your FL5, Did you Opt for the Roof?

    Good call. It appears that I can add, but not edit existing options. So I did the best I can
  8. If you PPF your FL5, Did you Opt for the Roof?

    I heard one occasion that someone in the forum got paint chips on the rear spoiler. At first I thought it is not that easy to get one there, but eventually I got a nick on the clear coat. I went on a road trip last weekend and heard something landed on the roof while on a freeway so hard that I...
  9. Reverse Gear not showing Back-up camera

    I would make a trip to the dealer in this case
  10. Snell 2020 Helmet Recommendations

    I bought a couple Racequip helmets for HPDE. Relatively inexpensive and served me well. If this is your first time and a helmet shop is not crazy far away from you, I highly recommend going to one so you can try them on. Other than ammenities, more expensive helmet generally has better...
  11. Reverse Gear not showing Back-up camera

    Have you tried rebooting tge infotainment to see if it makes any difference?
  12. Thoughts on Xpel Stealth PPF?

    It is uncommon to see cars with satin finish PPF for a couple reasons. It only looks good with certain colors and usually make sense to have the entire car in satin finish. To better help you decide, have the detailer of your choice cut a reasonably large piece of scrap PPF in satin finish and...
  13. Lane Centering Does Not Work Properly After Tire and Wheel Replacement

    I replaced my front left tire and wheel after I fell short of dodging a rock. The car drives perfectly fine except it cannot track properly when I use Lane Centering. The car will just veer to the righ when that is enabled. I was told by service at the time I do not need to do anything special...
  14. How to check tire pressure on FL5?

    FL5's TPMS is based on wheel speed sensor readouts. This type of system is not sensitive enough to quickly let you know there is a flat tire with a sudden loss of tire pressure. However, that is awesome for people who has winter wheels or swap wheels like changing shoes often. I was a little...
  15. Capless Fuel Filler

    Capless fuel filler requires different components to work properly. On top of that, the stock ECU wouldn't know what to do even you swapped the necessary components.
  16. 23 civic SI fuel grade question

    It's not a Canada thing. USDM Si and Type R says you can use 87 on the fuel door, which will work but not recommended. Saving a few dollars each time by pumping 87 instead of 91 is not worth it because they are not tuned for that and timing is pulled for doing so, which hurts performance and...
  17. Road trip in the Type R up California coast

    Took mini road trips a couple times to visit Grand Valley Highway 1 (GT7) point of interests. It's always nice to cruise down CA-1 as certain places have much cooler climate than inland locations.
  18. Drop in K&N filter available for FL5

    Sprint Filters made the exact same one for Spoon. You can buy one from Madness Autoworks (Sprint Filters USA Dealer) without the Spoon premium. https://madnessautoworks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=300014922 Unlike K&N and PRL, the Sprint Filter is dry-flow. That means you...
  19. CTR FL5 Rear Engine Mounts

    Upgrading rear engine mount reduces engine movement. One of OE mounts' primary goal, besides supporting the engine and drivetrain, is comfort. Too soft, you have too much engine/drivetrain movement for performance driving or just simply collapse very fast. At least it'll be comfortable. Too...
  20. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    I just picked mine up from Service. A little short of completely dodging a fist sized rock. Tire was popped and so did the wheel :(