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Search results

  1. OEM Airfilter

    Hey guys, Im trying to buy 3-4 OEM air filters and just realized they are Roki’s, made in Japan. I tried Sprint’s but definitely need some OEMs for dusty road trips to protect my engine a little better. Im at 6000 miles and it is starting to look very bad. In fact, OEM filters are really solid...
  2. Spoon Rigid Collars installed on FL5

    Hey guys! Today, I took my fl5 to Honda Guys in Torrance, CA to get rigid collars installed for both the front and rear. A total of 24 collars were installed, a fairly simple install that took about an hour. I took it to the street and residential to check the difference for about an hour, and...
  3. FL5 Emission and Rev-matching System Problem (P0011)

    Hey guys... (sad face) I'm HOPING this issue with the emission problem (CEL) is not affecting all of the early production models but I got my engine check light which states there is an emission problem along with a rev-matching system problem (I heard it comes with it. Rev matching issue...
  4. FL5 Adaptive Sound Control and Active Exhaust Valve Discussion

    Hey, fella fl5 drivers! I came to the conclusion to remove ASC on my FL5, I feel like it's a bit too much for me. I normally have my 'Engine Sound' in the individual mode as +R. And ASC would get louder which I don't really like... I would usually do them without asking around but I can't...
  5. Full Uncovering Event on July 20th in LA? 🚗

    Full Uncovered Event on July 20th in LA?!?! HPJ mentioned something like this: What yall think? I live in LA and Im definitely going to be there if it happens!