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Search results

  1. Braided Brake Linesets

    Hello all, I plan to do the brake lines when I changeout the brake fluid here soon. With that said, one of you mentioned dream automotive's lines, of which I do like. However, they appear to be overseas. Are there others, besides Spoon, that are stateside and high-quality? Thanks all.
  2. Clutch Engagement Percentage and Logging

    During my recent stint on the track, I noticed very seldom times that burning clutch smell. I was so concerned about it, that to make sure it wasn't me, I went back to my data logs and checked the clutch engagement on every single scene to make sure I wasn't riding the clutch; I was NOT...
  3. FL5 Track-day at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Personal Experience

    Hello all, I'm busy today at work, but wanted to blog some things here for you FL5 owners out there.... This was my first track-day event ever. My car had 400 miles on it. Stock oil, pads, tires, etc. Course was Mid-Ohio. This was a NASA HPDE-Intro course, although they said we would be...
  4. Snell 2020 Helmet Recommendations

    Hello all, Im looking for recommendations on Snell 2020 helmets. I know there are a lot of manufacturers out there, but the standard somewhat makes them all the same. I’m thinking full face, but I like the reduced chin protection too.
  5. Harness Bar Options

    Hi All, I’m headed to Mid-Ohio this fall and was looking for a good hardness bracket that someone can recommend for the FL5 (that has confirmed the fit and still allows rear passengers to easily enter and exit the car). Thanks all.
  6. Capless Fuel Filler

    I’ve been spoiled by my 2023 Honda Pilot Trailsport and it’s capless fuel filler port only to be quite disappointed at my first FL5 fill up to see a darn cap on the fuel port. Has anyone seen, heard, or tried replacing this cap to make it capless?