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  1. RS-R Sports-i Coilovers Driving Impressions

    Lot of you members have asked me about the dampening on the RS-R coilovers. I made and update vlog with a view of the wheels from the outside. I'm hoping it helps answer some of your questions.
  2. Aftermarket Seats & Weight Sensors

    There is very little information on the internet on how to properly mount aftermarket seats into the 10th and 11th gen civic. The passenger weight sensor is not properly mounted or usually disregarded. I have made a 2 part vlog on how I did it. Hopefully it is useful for all the members that...
  3. Acuity Pedal Spacer

    Most of you have probably seen the Acuity pedal spacer on the internet. If you haven't tried it definitely give it a try, it is pretty awsome. Relatively very inexpensive and really easy to install.
  4. Solution to the scratches on the gloss black trim

    If you are looking for a solution to all the scratches on the gloss black trim and there is a lot of in on the FL5 lol 😆 Here is what I did.
  5. Aftermarket Seats

    Has any member installed aftermarket seats yet with all the sensors works as oem?
  6. Best Wheel Spec for the FL5

    This is the wheels specs that I run on my FL5. Yokohama Advan Gt premiums 18 x 10 +40 Yokohama Neova 265 35 18 If you want to achieve the best look you will need to pair it with a set of coilovers or lowering springs.
  7. RS-R Coilovers Installation on FL5 Type R

    Just finished installing the new RS-R Coilovers. It was pretty straight forward. Hopefully it helps anyone that is wanting to install their own Coilovers or springs.
  8. Dialing in Suspension

    Installing new suspension today and was wondering if anyone has alignment specs that is more track oriented but not super aggressive. This is still a street car and not 100% track dedicated. Thanks Phothrottle