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  1. Remark Titanium Catback with Sexier Tips!

    I might be in for one, but honestly I do remain disappointed at the relative lack of exhausts that keep the valve. It’s such a great feature.
  2. Dyno results on catted downpipe on FL5 (with tune)?

    My guess is that it’ll gain you 10-15WHP. Whether that’s worth it is up to you…
  3. FL5 stock exhaust valve: Fuse pulled/always open - exterior sound clips

    That’s normal on a cold start. Timing is significantly retarded to heat up the catalyst, which results in rougher behavior.
  4. Trying my Best to Improve Intake Temps...

    The intercooler is fairly efficient (and a better design than before). It just needs more airflow. Removing the hood vent shroud will help a fair amount!
  5. [Now Available] AWE Exhaust Suite for the Honda FL5 Civic Type R

    I'm disappointed that this loses the OEM valve functionality.
  6. New Chin for the R

    To the OP--going to disagree with the above. This is probably the best, most well-integrated front lip spoiler I've seen so far. Great job.
  7. TSP FL5 - 502whp and counting [2023 Honda Civic Type R Tuned & Modified]

    This appears to make as much torque as the stock motor everywhere, which is why it's so cool.
  8. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Observations

    Did the clutch feel different than the FL5?
  9. FL5 Type R vs DE5 Integra Type S | Savagegeese

    @savagegeese -- I find it interesting that the ITS makes more power/torque than the CTR with about 4lbs less boost. Must be a different timing map. Also, curious if you felt the aero difference at high speeds. The CTR makes substantial rear downforce at 200kph.
  10. Lighter - Fl5 Type R special edition "S grade" set the recent Nurburgring record (not yet sold, will be in some European markets as LHD only)

    FK8 EU rating was 320ps, 316hp. All of this is splitting hairs. The FL5 was over 4 seconds faster to cover the same lap as the FK8.
  11. Hondata FL5 FlashPro released

    Stock fuel system isn’t appropriately sized for ethanol.
  12. Active Dampers too stiff on FL5. Disabled with Damping Cancellation Kit

    I'm coming from a 911 and a new VB WRX--the FL5 rides like a dream in comfort mode in comparison. Even Sport is not terrible to be honest. Haven't actually used +R in any meaningful way here in New England.
  13. Infotainment issues while on phone?

    So turns out this is a problem for other vehicles as well and the fix is an infotainment firmware update. Hoping Honda works on this ASAP. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/254248775
  14. MagSafe Case & Wireless Charger?

    My iPhone 14 with leather MagSafe case does not work with the wireless charger, must be the design of the case.
  15. ECU Tuning options - Hondata / Ktuner / Other?

    Has anyone been in touch with Hondata or KTuner?
  16. East Coast FL5 Delivery Estimates/Confirmations

    Boost blue is a US color as well
  17. Best Type R exhaust mods for FL5

    Has anyone removed the muffler post valve? So that when the valve opens, it's a full bypass?
  18. TuxMat mats out of stock?

    Are they all out of stock now? (Even the “with usb”)