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Search results

  1. My FL5 on H&R spring and Enkei wheel

    FL5 or FK8 springs?
  2. Show your % of tint on your FL5

    $479 for sides/rear and $230 for the front.
  3. Show your % of tint on your FL5

    Llumar FormulaOne Pinnacle 25% on sides/rear and Llumar AIR Blue 80 on front.
  4. What did you pay for your FL5?

    Negotiated with Tracy over text after I had a deal in place with Petaluma. Got them to $6.5k but I had to use Honda financing. Petaluma was firm at $7k since they have sold all their CTRs at that price.
  5. What did you pay for your FL5?

    Accessories were included in the $7k markup. It was dealer add-ons that I did not want and they would not remove. They initially had 2 cars with a $13k and $15k markup but the sales manager called me the next day willing to match my $7k deal. Petaluma has a $7k ADM and Tracy was willing to...
  6. What did you pay for your FL5?

    Paid $7k ADM in CA. All other dealers were still asking $10k-$20k over. 1 dealer was willing to match $7k but had accessories I did not want. I had a deposit for an ITS at MSRP +$1k in junk accessories but was 9th on the list. CTR ended up costing me $500 less than the ITS and was delivered in...
  7. Plug and Play Homelink Mirror for FL5 -- 1 Hr Install

    Is there a non-Homelink auto-dimming mirror kit? I do not need the Homelink and like the cleaner look without the buttons. Thinking of buying an ITS mirror with the accord harness.
  8. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Me neither, I stopped looking for a CTR until a sales guy called me the morning I had planned to look at a local CTR ($15k ADM) and the demo ITS. The ITS was stunning but I fear the tacked on fenders and aggressive diffuser will not age on me. I would check out both in person if you are on the...
  9. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    I have a similar deal, $7k ADM for CW CTR and have a deposit for an ITS for MSRP +$1k accessories. I was trying to stick to a $5k ADM but every other dealer around me is $15k, so I may close on the CTR when it arrives. I am 9th on the deposit list for the ITS so that is helping to drive my...