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Search results

  1. Aftermarket Suspension In Stock : RSR / Ohlins / Swift / HKS / H&R

    We have the following aftermarket suspension components in stock for the FL5 CTR. Ohlins coilovers Swift Springs RSR Down Springs RSR Sports coilovers RSR Best coilovers + RSR canceller / ball upper mount We have the following available to preorder. HKS Hipermax R H&R springs We can work...
  2. Aero Kits Pre-Order: APR Performance/ Aimgain / Seibon / Spoon

    We are taking pre-orders for aero for the FL5 Civic Type R. We are authorized dealer forAPR Performance / Aimgain / Seibon / Spoon / & more. APR Performance we have various pieces in stock but these sell out quick. Aimgain we are waiting for first batches to come to the US! Nothing...
  3. 18x9.5+38 vs 18x9.5+45

    What specs are most of you guys running? 18x9.5 seems to be the most common size. Debating on running a 18x9.5+38 but seems like -3.5 camber up front and -2.5 is required for a no rub 275/35/18. Where a 18x9.5+45 doesn't require as much camber. -Josh
  4. Remark Titanium Catback with Sexier Tips!

    After scrolling through the forum we have seen couple of members expressing interest in wanting a full titanium exhaust but the only option at the moment really being Remark. There are options from Japan but will cost a lot more than what Remark charges + 6 months of lead times. We are friends...
  5. Exhausts Pre-Order: Apexi / AWE / Remark

    We are taking pre-orders for exhausts for the FL5 Civic Type R. We are authorized dealer for Apexi / Remark / AWE Tuning with batches for all 3 coming in. We have Remark stainless exhausts in stock now and AWE Tuning track (chrome tip). Apexi exhausts are expected mid October. Remark...
  6. New CTR Meraki Build!

    We searched for the best deal on a FL5 CTR, being in SoCal dealers wanted as high as $20k across 20 dealers. Even if we found markup for $6-7k, they wanted another $3k in "mandatory" accessories. I was hoping that it being the end of the month and being Labor weekend, I can snag a good deal. It...
  7. FL5 CTR @ MSRP?

    Anyone have any leads? Wishful thinking.. Doesn't hurt to ask! -Josh