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  1. My FL5 on H&R spring and Enkei wheel

    Did you need a centering ring for these wheels? If so, where did you purchase them? CLEAN LOOK, btw...
  2. Question About Trade-In Condition

    Great advice, Superman. And thanks to everyone else as well for your replies as well. The overwhelming consensus is reassuring.
  3. Question About Trade-In Condition

    Hey everyone, Got some a question about general cosmetic condition about my 2020 Civic Si, which I plan to trade-in for the Type R when my name is called. I am simply wondering whether it is worth putting in the money to get all (or some) of these cosmetic imperfections worked out before...
  4. Enkei Triumph 18x9.5 et45

    This is excellent to hear. I got my eye on a very similar tire/wheel setup. Either these wheels (or the Apex EC-7 w/ +58 offset) and prob. Conti DSW06+’s.
  5. Enkei Triumph 18x9.5 et45

    Hey OP, how do you like these Triumph wheels so far? How’s the ride? They look nice on that Boost Blue!
  6. 2024 Acura Integra Type S Observations

    Boy, oh boy, do I feel seen thanks your comment, Estoril. I feel EXACTLY the same. Rear wing = not mature apparently. Maybe I’m going too far, but the Integra also gives me FK8 vibes with the tacked on wheels arches and front air scoops. That doesn’t exactly scream “mature” to me, but I’m not...
  7. Thoughts on the carbon fibre wing?

    That bitch sexy and I’m a fan, and the Drift King himself likes it on the Touge roads. If money is no issue, go get it.
  8. 2023 Civic Type R finder tool

    One more vote of confidence for this. As someone in Cincy, OH who has been asking around all over Ohio, this tracker works very well. BIG PROPS to you, OP. You da real MVP.
  9. 2023 Civic Type R FL5 - Reviews Compilation (Articles + Videos) ✍🏻 🎥

    Ooo wee, THIS. But honestly, I am begging for more Type R content, so yes to the reviews coming out as well.
  10. FL5 Coming Next Month Says My Dealer

    Just to back up what you’re sharing… I got a text this week from a local sales rep that a white one is on the way and will arrive in less than two weeks. Multiple other dealers here in western Ohio don’t have a clue about when they’re getting any units though, so bear that in mind.