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Search results

  1. H&R VS. Spoon FL5 specific springs

    I got a set through Two Step Performance last week, drop shipped from H&R.
  2. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    Any update on timing for release? I see the inlets are finally shipping again, but cant order till the HVI is out as well...
  3. My FL5 on H&R spring and Enkei wheel

    Looks great, how does ride quality compare to stock?
  4. Snell 2020 Helmet Recommendations

    Just want to state, any helmet that meets SA2020 is not a "Walmart-Type" helmet. A $200 SA2020 helmet is built to the same crash specs as a $2000 SA2020 helmet. I won't say a $1K helmet isn't worth it, because it is, but not because of it's ability to protect your head in a crash.
  5. Snell 2020 Helmet Recommendations

    NASA TT - "Both front side windows must otherwise be in the down position while on track." Most racing bodies require front windows down so you should be fine.
  6. Snell 2020 Helmet Recommendations

    One thing I didn't see mentioned, the best helmet is one that fits YOU well. So if you have a local shop that stocks SA rated helmets make the effort to check them out in person. Racequip, Conquer, G-Force, Zamp, and Pyrotect all make decent entry level options. All should protect you fine as...
  7. The FL5 Civic Type R Wheel Spacer Reference Thread

    Thanks, my concern is stud length. Some of the Si/Integra folks broke their wheel locks when torqued because the spacer studs were too long.
  8. FL5 Spoon Springs with 15mm wheel spacers installed

    Looks great! Are you able to run OEM wheel locks with the 15MM spacers? I know some of the SIs and Integras have had issues with them.
  9. The FL5 Civic Type R Wheel Spacer Reference Thread

    Anyone running the OEM Wheel Locks with the 15mm Bonoss? Any issues?
  10. The FL5 Civic Type R Wheel Spacer Reference Thread

    For those with spacers, especially 15mm front, are you getting any spray on the side of your car? I loved the look on my previous car, but it only looked good until I hit a puddle or it rained and the side of my car became a mess...