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  1. 18x9.5+38 vs 18x9.5+45

    18s for lighter wheels & cheaper tires. I personally think 18s with beefier tires look better too. -Josh
  2. 18x9.5+38 vs 18x9.5+45

    Don't mind a 265, but saw that you need to run -3.5 camber up front and a -2.5 rear for even the 265 with a +38. -Josh
  3. 18x9.5+38 vs 18x9.5+45

    TE37? Any idea what natural camber is? TE37? Any idea what natural camber is? Yeah the FL5 has a little more room for more aggressive fitment than the FK8. Nice! What wheels and tires? -Josh
  4. Aftermarket Suspension In Stock : RSR / Ohlins / Swift / HKS / H&R

    We have the following aftermarket suspension components in stock for the FL5 CTR. Ohlins coilovers Swift Springs RSR Down Springs RSR Sports coilovers RSR Best coilovers + RSR canceller / ball upper mount We have the following available to preorder. HKS Hipermax R H&R springs We can work...
  5. Aero Kits Pre-Order: APR Performance/ Aimgain / Seibon / Spoon

    We are taking pre-orders for aero for the FL5 Civic Type R. We are authorized dealer forAPR Performance / Aimgain / Seibon / Spoon / & more. APR Performance we have various pieces in stock but these sell out quick. Aimgain we are waiting for first batches to come to the US! Nothing...
  6. Exhausts Pre-Order: Apexi / AWE / Remark

    Remark stainless exhausts in stock Apexi units coming in 1-2 weeks AWE supposed to come in mid October. -Josh
  7. 18x9.5+38 vs 18x9.5+45

    What specs are most of you guys running? 18x9.5 seems to be the most common size. Debating on running a 18x9.5+38 but seems like -3.5 camber up front and -2.5 is required for a no rub 275/35/18. Where a 18x9.5+45 doesn't require as much camber. -Josh
  8. H&R VS. Spoon FL5 specific springs

    I see ETA for mid October as well for H&R. -Josh
  9. Jdm headlights/clear sidemarkers

    Never noticed that in the headlight until you just pointed it out. Now you just cost me a set of headlights in the future haha. -Josh
  10. Remark Titanium Catback with Sexier Tips!

    R1 Titan tips do look great and is one of the looks I'd try to achieve. Yeah if they're not Akrapovic carbon tips then I haven't honestly seen a good carbon tip that holds up to extensive heat. -Josh
  11. Where’s the Aero?

    I'll ask. Also spoke with Spoon today, no solid ETA or pricing on their Aero stuff yet. -Josh
  12. Remark Titanium Catback with Sexier Tips!

    Just got back from Remark I'll make some pinpoints to make it easy. • We need at least x10 people for this exhaust to get it going • MSRP will be $3100 • Tip color choices in natural titanium or burnt titanium • ETA about 2 1/2 months so depending on when we get the order in • 50% deposit due...
  13. Best Type R exhaust mods for FL5

    https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/remark-titanium-catback-with-sexier-tips.52579/ -Josh
  14. Remark Titanium Exhaust

    Follow the new thread for the Remark with sexy tips! lol https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/remark-titanium-catback-with-sexier-tips.52579/ -Josh
  15. JSWAN Real Carbon Fiber Center Console

    Let us know how this goes! -Josh
  16. Best Type R exhaust mods for FL5

    It helps that we’re local to them & know the owner so we can just barge in & demand changes. Just kidding haha. -Josh