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Search results

  1. Flapfab Stone Guards

    Muy fácil y barato. Para mis amigos Javier y Roberto como regalo.
  2. Flapfab Stone Guards

    Final results: Aluminium mesh 100cmx33cms. 23 eur Amazon. About three sets complete couples. News Clips, four Honda OEM 91501-S04-003 reference, 8 eur. Mesh Type used 4mmx8mm 3mmx6mm would be ok too. Fixed with the two staples/clips and two of the three available screws. I think it is a good...
  3. OEM Cargo Tray and Seat Back Protectors

    Two months waiting from UK to Spain. Seats back protectors its an OEM access not avaliable from dealer in the EU. Several costs, price, ship and custom fees and taxes. Cargo trunk protector its avaliable in my dealer but its different about USA item. No colors on Type R logo.
  4. Splash Guards for FL5?

    Ok. Thanks. Its enough to fix the mesh with both (up and down) clips or do you think would be better add to mesh fixing with both screws?
  5. Splash Guards for FL5?

    Can you post measurements of the template (pink paper)? Thanks
  6. Where can I buy an oem FL5 full leather steering wheel

    Someone interested to sell his steering wheel in good condition? Ship to Europe. Spain. Send me PM plis.
  7. Where can I buy an oem FL5 full leather steering wheel

    Please can anyone post the Honda OEM reference full leather steering wheel? Perhaps would be possible to get it here in our official Honda europe dealer? Thanks!
  8. What about the FL5 do you regret?

    I regret not being able to buy it 20 years earlier. I'm in a hurry to make up for lost time.
  9. Flapfab Stone Guards

    I do not dispute the quality of products made specifically for this purpose. However, what may seem expensive to some is cheap to others. In my case, 120/200USD + shipping to Europe + probable customs tax fees relegate this mod to a second plane. Maybe I'll try the homemade mod first and if it...
  10. Flapfab Stone Guards

    I have seen this home made mod on Facebook. Material is very easy to get on Amazon.
  11. Flapfab Stone Guards

    Hmmmm.... Very interesant question
  12. FL5 aftermarket exhaust videos with soundclips

    Remus has uploaded two audio files to his UE web site but are the same audio files for both version exhaust. I need clarify it.
  13. FL5 aftermarket exhaust videos with soundclips

    Thanks. A couple of days ago I reported this short video to the official Remus dealer in my country and he told me that it is possible that it is the other version of the exhaust (Racing Downpipe-back-system centered: Sport Exhaust, NOT certified / approval UE, only for legal use out of roads)...
  14. FL5 aftermarket exhaust videos with soundclips

    Waiting excited for a Remus GPF-back Sport Exhaust FL5 sound review. The only one wich includes European Union certified / approval.
  15. Remus exhaust for fl5

    Very interesting. Remus is a well-known and highly valued brand in Europe. This exhaust is the only one that we have seen with certification and homologation to be able to ride legally in the European Union and pass the demanding periodic technical inspections. Now we just have to wait to hear...
  16. First FL5 oil change mileage?

    I changed oil (and filter) of my FL5 when it reached 5.000 kms. I also contracted the Honda maintenance service (five years) when I bought the car, for 1.400 euros (does not include wearing parts). I insisted on an oil change -Castrol Edge- (cant choose another) at my dealer even though the...
  17. Type R OEM look pnp dash cam (also works with other models)

    Can you post more details about the installation? It's easy? Time? Was really dificult to extract the maps light module? Wiring is plug&play? Thanks
  18. Sweidit Armrest

    Like this mod. Looks OEM.