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Search results

  1. Plug and Play Homelink Mirror for FL5 -- 1 Hr Install

    So, based on what others are saying the Homelink buttons are powered all the time. Is your radar detector powered all the time and you have to turn it on and off each time you get in/out of your car?
  2. NEED HELP! Allocation issues - 23 CW

    This. Did someone at the port or transport company hotrod it around for a bit and take a few souvenirs?
  3. We have 4 type r available

    You could be right but seems unlikely these are 2024's. All the cars that hit the Motoring Obsession tracker on the 19th (3 days ago) are 2023 models.
  4. Bose "Centerpoint" Sucks

    For the first week driving my FL5 I thought the Bose sound system sounded so bad that something had to be wrong with it - like a set of speakers was not hooked up. Changing the source did not matter (satellite, Carplay, even podcasts). I endlessly adjusted the treble, mid, and base settings...
  5. First FL5 oil change mileage?

    Any dealership. Does not have to be the one you purchased from.
  6. FL5 Track-day at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Personal Experience

    Wow. Track day with only 400 miles on the car.