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  1. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    How does the car turn (handle) compared to stock height? Can you post a rear end low photo to see how the car looks lowered with Swift Spring's?
  2. Bonoss 20mm spacers $200 shipped

    Interested, I'll dm you!
  3. California FOR SALE - Honda All Season Floor Mats (Civic 2022-2024)

    Are these for sedan or hatch?
  4. Let us Californian 11th gen say hello

    Nope no issues at all! During install, the RV6 Bar took a little finessing to wiggle into place but install was straight forward and it's been amazing since.
  5. Unwanted attention

    Recently, while I was paying for my McDonald's breakfast via drive thru, the cashier told me "You must really like the color red" (she was smiling and being nice I think). In my head I was cracking up. Apart from that, only other negative or what I perceive to be negative is the markup...
  6. Poor FL5 Owner

    Yo, So, the purpose of this chat is to promote the other dudes who made it happen. Happen? I mean, we're extremely fortunate to have FL5 in the garage. It seems very common around here to be open. So don't comment if it's not positive. I'm the first to admit, my FL5 was the worst...
  7. Sticker Strip on Bottom Fairing

    I've absolutely scraped the hell out of the under lip. If anyone knows the part number lmk! I can't seem to judge all the shitty curbs and driveway ramps these days.
  8. FL5 hits the Streets of Willow Track

    I highly recommend the Rv6 Sway Bar upgrade to give you the opportunity to suit the rear to your liking. I set the sway bar to the stiffest setting and I love the way the car rotates now. My confidence in pushing the car harder is directly attributed to how the sway bar performs.
  9. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    Solid point, might as well at that price. If it helps convince you, I could care less about how you sound or look 😂. I just need How To walk thrus so I can learn and do my own work!
  10. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    Well done! You need a YouTube channel documenting your installs. Do you prefer the stiffness with the upgraded detent spring? Once I do the additional cable bushings I think I'm gonna go for the clutch delay valve mod. After that, I think it will be perfect. My objective was to enhance the...
  11. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    I didn't buy the detent spring, tho. I was planning on sticking with the OEM one but what do you think?
  12. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    Nicely done! I've installed the PRL shifter base bushings, took my time and it wasn't too bad. I also have the PRL shifter cable bushings but have not installed. Dreading the install due to everything you have to remove. Going to wait until the PRL Stage 1 Intake arrives and install both then.
  13. Let us Californian 11th gen say hello

    Significant and immediate turn in/rotation between stock and after rv6 upgrade. Car feels amazing going up the curvy mountain roads and at speed on long bends/turns. Can't recommend the rv6 Sway bar upgrade enough. Cheapest most significant suspension upgrade you can do imo.
  14. Let us Californian 11th gen say hello

    I am going to sell my OEM rear sway bar and end links. Not sure if you're interested. I upgraded to a rv6 Sway bar recently.
  15. Let us Californian 11th gen say hello

    What's up fellas. A fellow FL5 dad reporting from Los Angeles area.
  16. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    You thinking about selling the OEM leather wheel? I accidentally scratched/sliced mine a little the other day and the slice is bugging me so much when I drive, unfortunately.
  17. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    Successfully installed RV6 Rear Sway Bar & Whiteline adjustable end links. Wow...the way the FL5 turns in and rotates with the RV6 Sway Bar - beautiful. I didn't think the car could get significantly better with just the sway bar upgrade but it did. Highly recommend.
  18. Wisconsin Four Volk Te37's for sale - brand new - 18 x 9.5 for $3000.

    If you don't mind saving them for me until early next year, I'll buy them then 😅 We are moving to SE Wisconsin area early next year from Los Angeles.