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Search results

  1. 18-in tire size and lug nuts

    I just picked up a set of 18-in Advan gtbeyond Wheels with a 45 offset. Right now the car is at stock height I am torn between going with a 265/ 35 or if possible maybe moving up to 265/40. I know the bigger tile will fill out the wheel well better and provide a more plush ride with minimal...
  2. 23 Sonic Gray FL5 wheel choice/color help

    Hello everyone, with winter looming and my new car indeed to swap to 18"s like most of us. My car isn't lowered, yet and am looking at 18x9.5 rims nit too deep of an offset. Due to the color and car I'm having a really hard time deciding. All inknow is I dont like the TE37. Given my color do you...