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  1. Thoughts on the Milltek vs AWE exhaust ??

    I agree with all your points. My exhaust came undone actually at one point and I had to go to a muffler shop to do some spot welds to hold it in place.
  2. *The FL5 Track Junkie Thread*

    only decent photo i have in 5 track days
  3. Enlightening read on wheel offset and effects on suspension and steering

    i agree with the concept and theory of not altering scrub radius for the reasons you stated. i'm currently running the Honda OEM+ forged wheels with the same +60 offset. i have not used spacers for the same reason even though i would like a wider stance aesthetically. on the other hand, i know...
  4. FL5 Overheated on Track

    i would say oil 100% i tracked the car last week on 92F ambient temperature and rarely does the coolant temperature reach 220+F and it cools off very quickly if you lift on the other hand oil reaches 270F with 2 or 3 hot laps my car has several mods and pushing close to 450whp on 93oct I...
  5. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    guess i haven’t. i’ve never dealt with them directly although i do have several of their bolt on products (i get their products through local distributors which seem to have good business relationships with them) thanks for your input
  6. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    why? honest question. i asked another forum member stating a similar opinion and never got an answer
  7. What did you do to your FL5 today?

    these look beautiful? where can i buy them?
  8. New Honda Civic Type R FL5 - No Lift Shifting?

    are you referring to an ECU function or the clutch delay valve?
  9. An in-depth talk about FL5 ECU tuning

    i am properly jealous that’s a top level track
  10. How do yall heel toe?

    the OEM pedal positioning isn't that great for heel and toeing, some aftermarket parts help with this: https://acuityinstruments.com/products/acuity-pedal-spacer-for-the-lhd-10th-gen-civic i personally love and use the rev-match feature. for me it works amazing, particularly at the track
  11. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    would you mind sharing these mods? gracias!
  12. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    care to expand as to why? genuinely curious
  13. Poor FL5 Owner

    financing something absolutely does not mean or equate to being poor at all, especially cars. hard disagree on that rich circle talk
  14. FL5 stock exhaust valve: Fuse pulled/always open - exterior sound clips

    anecdotal evidence of n=1, my active valve fuse delete did not cause any issues whatsoever to my car except for mild sound increase Now I have AWE Touring Edition and absolutely no issues either
  15. Recent new rattle noise

    i feel like every rattle ever magically disappears when you want to show it to somebody :dunno:
  16. Wireless Charger almost never works

    mine doesn’t work most of the time, with or without a case, unfortunately
  17. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    what brand? hybrid racing?
  18. Jester’s FL5 build journal.

    what model number for k20c1? can’t seem to find fl5 compatible one?