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Search results

  1. Championship White FL5 on Rays ZE40 RW Limited Wheels

    Plain white to CW is just not nice.
  2. Where’s the Aero?

    Me living near German Autobahn... so 270 is not a dream, it's actually very often
  3. 2022 Hatchback Window Louvers

    In the wheel spacers thread for FL5, there is a blue FL5 with those window louvers and Mugen window visors. That actually look awesome! Didn`t like window louvers before, but that's definitely a good look on the 11th gen civic hatchbacks. Do you have a link for those window louvers you have?
  4. Where’s the Aero?

    The question is... will the aeroflow lip withstand 270km per hour? It is just drilled in the original front lip.