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  1. Weak hatch struts

    I have wondered this very thing. I even thought when I bought the car in March that the struts work well and open it easily but I noticed in the last few weeks that it does not open nearly as well as it did new. I wonder if something small like this is something we could bring up to the dealer...
  2. Winter hibernation,the bubble wrap will be removed ..it sits about 3 inches off the ground bye until spring.

    I think that’s exactly what I’m going to try this weekend. Some of the reviews said the ramps want to slide around some when driving onto them but I am not too worried. - will do, thanks!
  3. Winter hibernation,the bubble wrap will be removed ..it sits about 3 inches off the ground bye until spring.

    Here is the link for the Flat Spot stoppers I picked up. They arrived the other day and while I haven't put the car on them yet they seem like they are a quality product. They have a good heft to them. Now the question is, how challenging will it be to get the car to back onto them. That appears...
  4. FL5 Camo Digital File - PDF? Ai? PNG?

    Is this file shareable? I’d love to have it too if it is.
  5. Winter hibernation,the bubble wrap will be removed ..it sits about 3 inches off the ground bye until spring.

    I have been following this and another thread regarding winter storage and I wanted to give my thoughts but this is my first time storing/winterizing a car so I am open to other suggestions. I live in NE Ohio and have made the decision to put the car away for the winter. I got an oil change and...
  6. Powder coated FL5 OEM Wheels Bronze

    I will be keeping this in mind in the future. Thanks! Take care!
  7. Powder coated FL5 OEM Wheels Bronze

    I can't get over how awesome this looks!! Seriously considering something like this after seeing your post, @Loulerg! Love this!
  8. Brake squeal (or something else?)

    I have had this happen a small handful of times. Once I even pulled over to inspect. It went away after I pulled over and gave a look to the brake assembly. I attributed this to small rocks or debris getting caught. My thinking was maybe with the front air duct feeding cool air to the brakes the...
  9. wiper movement on startup?

    Every single time. I assume this is normal though.
  10. FL5 Getting Added to GT7 (Gran Turismo 7)

    Maybe I am missing something but I find it interesting that the game has it listed as a 2022 model year car. I was under the impression that there were no Type Rs globally (FK8 or FL5) in 2022. Obviously, that literally doesn't matter at all but something I noticed. Can't wait to get the update!
  11. Apple Car Play Audio Lagging

    I have been meaning to post about this same issue!! I will take it a step further, I have noticed that whenever I drive through a very particular location it gets super laggy and will sometimes completely disconnect. I have found that when this happens it wont reconnect until I pass through...
  12. How do yall heel toe?

    The CTR is my first manual car as well. While I highly respect those who can heel and toe. However, I think the auto rev-match feature in the FL5 is so amazing that I am not sure I will even bother to learn it on this car. Mainly, because I doubt I will ever be better than the auto-rev match...
  13. Honda licensed merchandise?

    This link is found at the bottom of Honda's US website. Its an online store operated by Staples but I've bought several things from this site. Hope this helps! https://hondadrivergear.staples.com/
  14. FL5 Civic Type R car cover ((SOLD))

    Mind if I ask where in the Buckeye State (no need for specific location)? I would be super interested if this is something I could pick up. I am in the NE Ohio Akron/Cleveland area.
  15. LogR: User ID / PIN

    I had this happen to me once! Not sure if this is a "Solution" per se, but I just waited for about 2 minutes and the User ID and PIN populated automatically. It was like it had to load for a while. It took a while but it did come up eventually. Hopefully it comes up for you! Best of luck!
  16. Vehicle Names

    Shortly after I got my FL5 I met my parents for dinner and took them for a ride in the car. My mom knows when I was in high school and college I named my other cars. She asked if I had named the Type R yet. I told her I hadn't yet but it had to be a name that started with 'R' (for what I assume...
  17. Thoughts on an All Season Tire

    Thank you @1971Camaro this is really good information!
  18. Thoughts on an All Season Tire

    First off, thanks for all the feedback! I really appreciate it! I feel like I should clarify, I want to use the OEM wheels and PS4S for the majority of the time, I love them and I love the PS4S. My thinking is more along the lines of having a All Season/better wearing tire for early spring and...
  19. Thoughts on an All Season Tire

    Hello all! First post! I am the owner of a Boost Blue FL5 Type R, this is my first Type R. I wanted to throw out a topic and see what the community thought about it. First off, in addition to my FL5 I also own a 2014 Accord, that's my daily driver for the time being. I live in northern...