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Search results

  1. Time for Type R - Casio

    I think the watch is really cool. I hope they make another run, by the time I tried to buy, it was sold out.
  2. Best birthday present ever... Lego Speed Champions CTR

    Bro, that is so badass. Congrats on having awesome kids!
  3. CW FL5 Civic Type R w/ Integra Type S Wheels

    Great piece of info, thanks
  4. CW FL5 Civic Type R w/ Integra Type S Wheels

    Wow, looks great! What is the weight difference?
  5. Boost Blue with Volk Racing CE 28

    Great Job! Any rubbing?
  6. From FK8 owner to FL5

    672K?? What da….
  7. From FK8 owner to FL5

    Jesus, I would have bought that Si from you out of principal, good job! How much did you sell it for if you dont mind me asking? Also, I'm assuming you had to replace the clutch?
  8. From FK8 owner to FL5

    I do not regret buying my FL5. The FK8 was perfect with the exception of the Rims and Tires (easy fix) and the transmission. My FK8 had 1-2 grinds, 3rd gear lockout, and 4th gear lockout. I tried all the fixes and even brought it back to the dealer. I was unable to resolve the problems. The...
  9. Enkei Triumph 18x9.5 et45

    Bravo!!! Stock suspension? Hubcentric rings?
  10. Just Picked Up - Quick Impressions

    Why did you sell your Veloster N for the Kona? Any thoughts regarding the differences in the cars?
  11. Just Picked Up - Quick Impressions

    I think it's all about perspective. I love the absolutely vicious handling of the FL5 at low and high speeds, the strong brakes, the great visibility, the incredible shifter feel, the lightness of the clutch, the supportive seats, the usability of the hatch, the rear seat leg room, and the...
  12. Negative attention

    My windows are not tinted. I want people to see my family inside while I'm driving, I'm hoping that the sight of a 10 year old in the back seat will give them pause. I've owned a ton of Performance cars but none of them seem to elicit the same response. Btw, a 2019 Civic is an excellent car. I...
  13. Negative attention

    I don't mind someone driving next to me and throwing a rev, but to tailgate for that length of time is criminal. Even when I owned my GT500, I've never had that amount people trying to race me in one trip. The bumper sticker comment was tongue-in-cheek btw.
  14. Negative attention

    Haha, good point
  15. Negative attention

    So I’m driving from CT to NY, in the center lane, and some idiot in a blacked out Honda Accord comes up on my rear at about 90 mph. I'm going about 65. I have my wife and kids in the Type R. I merge to the right in order to let him pass. The scumbag stays on my tail, merges to the right, and...
  16. Second Gear Grind 😢

    Let me clarify when I wrote I take it easy on my transmission. I often redline my 1-2 shift and I shift quickly. However, my 1-2 shift is a hair slower than my 2-3 shift, which is a hair slower than my 3-4 shifts. I don’t treat all of my shifts the same. I’ve driven all of my manual cars the...
  17. Just purchased a boost blue fl5 type r in CA

    Congrats on the car! Don't let the negative interaction of the dealer sour your experience, its a stunning color! Cali is a different market than the rest of the States. I think 8K is probably an average to good price out there. Boost Blue was not my initial choice in color, but having owned it...
  18. Second Gear Grind 😢

    Does not seem normal to me. I sold my prior FK8 because off the transmission issues (1-2 grind, 3rd and 4th lockout). The FL5 has been perfect. However, I do take it easy on my 1-2 shifts. I'd bring it to the dealer 1st. If that doesn't fix things, switch out the transmission oil (although...
  19. FL5 Type R vs DE5 Integra Type S | Savagegeese

    Savagegeese, your content is top notch. My son and I watch your videos all of the time and appreciate your hard work. Keep it up!