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  1. Civic Type R vs. Porsche 911

    I think the relentless pursuit of refinement made cars very numb and isolated, and the pursuit of HP made them very heavy. My ‘95 325i w/ 189 hp was way more fun to drive than a 350 hp 435i M coupe I drove years later.
  2. vs GR Corolla

    thanks for the detailed review, sorry you had such a disappointing experience. I’d guess positive gushing YouTube videos get a lot more hits than one like your review.
  3. Civic e:HEV

    Cool that they're making it, but with a 1.5T making 40 mpg, I don't see the appeal, unless it puts out like 60 mpg or something. I think the European one is 48 mpg and EPA rating is usually lower.
  4. Fraternal Twins Comparison: 2024 Integra Type S vs. 2023 Civic Type R -- Performance Tested

    I think weight matters more than size, which is why the Civics are still fun to drive despite growing very large. They look large and feel large parking, but on the road they don't really feel big. Here in Taiwan the Focus is far better than a Civic sedan for parking and navigating narrow roads...
  5. vs GR Corolla

    Everyone, myself included, was hoping the GRC would be the more raucous car, a modern STI or EVO, with a better sounding engine - some 3 cylinders can sound cool. But based on reviews it doesn't seem to be much more fun than the Type R, unless maybe it's offroad or on snow. And the engine maybe...
  6. vs GR Corolla

    I use it all the time in my Focus, but Taiwan is traffic hell. The kids love the rear armrest, that's a major negative, but I'm guessing I can find something to put back there, like an armrest that mounts to the center seat - they sell one for older Civics.
  7. vs GR Corolla

    I saw another GR Yaris here in Taiwan yesterday, I love it - it's not pretty but looks like a rally car. I get the GR Corolla is more practical, but it's such a gimped design with the tiny back seat and trunk that it's not exactly practical. In Japan we rented a 5 door Yaris and it had plenty...
  8. vs GR Corolla

    If only we could go back in time to 2017 when Toyota knew how to pair a parking brake with a center armrest.
  9. vs GR Corolla

    GRC has a rear center armrest! 😁 but no front arm rest. 😤 Fix that and I’ll be tempted since it’ll be a blast in Massachusetts snow.
  10. We have 4 type r available

    When interest rates were 0% and home equity loans were 3%, people did take equity out of their homes and spend it. But that's probably not happening much now with home equity loans at 8%. But like I said, people still have a lot of the cash they took out of their homes sitting in the bank. It...
  11. We have 4 type r available

    The extreme car prices has more to do with Washington's response to the Covic crisis - and much of that stimulus is still ongoing in 2023. For 2-3 years now, people didn't' have to pay their rent, didn't have to pay their student loans, small business owners got millions each in loans which were...
  12. We have 4 type r available

    in 2017 or 2023 dollars? Cause one's worth about 30% less than the other.
  13. We have 4 type r available

    this pricing will continue til the stock market bubble pops, so don’t hold your breath. With all the new dollars being printed, I think this is the new normal. Too many dollars, not enough cool cars.
  14. How do yall heel toe?

    europeans don’t seem to like manuals in their high performance cars, I’m not sure why. BMW M has kept the manuals around cause Americans want them, not Europeans. maybe manuals are for peons in Europe since they’re still common in cheap cars. European reviewers still seem to like manuals though.
  15. How do yall heel toe?

    I assume the auto rev match physically moves the gas pedal? I think the auto cruise in my Si moved the pedal if I remember right.
  16. How do yall heel toe?

    Same for me, BMW makes a big gas pedal close to the brake, very easy to blip with the right side of your foot. But even thenI needed the deep braking on track to do it easily. I could never heel and toe Hondas with the tiny gas pedal so far away. If you watch Best Motoring videos the Japanese...
  17. vs Jetta GLI (40th anniversary edition.)

    I was excited to test drive the 6mT GLI back in 2020 cause it’s great on paper and much cheaper than a GTI. But when I test drove it I didn’t like it. You sit up really high like an SUV and it just didn’t do anything for me. The Si feels much lower and sportier, it was just way more fun and...
  18. vs Forte GT

    yeah there’s different kinds of torque vectoring, which I think typically has a differential, M cars have torque vectoring differentials. I forget what they call the brake based system like on open diff BMWs, but it’s not as good as an LSD. Even e-diffs are confusing, I think the GTI’s e-diff...
  19. vs Forte GT

    I think it’s all about meeting the low price, it’s a lot of car on paper. The Civics are awesome but the price has gone up a lot.