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  1. CW with Satin Bronze SuperSpeed

    yea that’s stock suspension but running 265/35 Falken RT615K
  2. Where’s the Aero?

    Wow that wing is TOUGH. Would prefer if it didnt have the Seibon branding on the endplates though.
  3. CW with Satin Bronze SuperSpeed

    Looks nice, Ive been running the same wheels but in the gunmetal color!
  4. Enlightening read on wheel offset and effects on suspension and steering

    Got it. The way it was outlined here I thought it was based on the TC car and the only changes were the dampers listed in the far right column. I couldn't find a picture online to confirm until finding some obscure YouTube video of them working on it just now...
  5. Enlightening read on wheel offset and effects on suspension and steering

    The thing that will have the most impact on feel are the tires chosen for the new set of wheels. People saying the car feels worse when they buy Conti Extreme contact DWS or Hankook K12 EVO or any other Max performance tire is par for the course. The factory PS4S is a specific compound made...
  6. Enlightening read on wheel offset and effects on suspension and steering

    In most of those series the factory suspension mounting points are retained and they use helm joints or hard rubber/solid bushings replacing a lot of the OEM ones. Ofcourse aftermarket dampers/springs and other parts are added... They still start with a factory civic body in white and use the...
  7. Enlightening read on wheel offset and effects on suspension and steering

    Coming from someone who did suspension design and vehicle dynamics in school for a formula team, I can say that you are seriously exaggerating the effect scrub radius has on performance, especially within a track width change of ~30mm. Its almost hilarious to declare "Low offset wheels being...
  8. Championship White FL5 Civic Type R + 18x9.5 TE37's + 285's!

    Unless you can find a deal on tires I dont really see any positives for running anything bigger than a 265 on 9.5" wide rim. Not only is it heavier, the tire buldge on the sidewall will add flex and take away responsiveness and can reduce overall performance. Tire rack did a very good study on...
  9. PRL Motorsports 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5 High Volume Intake System Product Development

    I noticed the most difference with the windows cracked and the K&N panel filter. Inside its not much louder but the sound outside was surprisingly good. And it was only $40
  10. Front air dam ground clearance

    The front air damn is almost exactly 5" from the ground. I have measured this because I can scrape going up my driveway unless I take it at an angle and wanted to make sure if I lowered that it would only be that part scraping. With swift springs it would be about 4" from the ground which is...
  11. FL5 Swift Springs - installed now feedback / reviews?

    I would make sure they are installed properly and figure out the banging noise before making any judgements on ride. What type of bouncy? Like slow movement that doesn't stop, or sharp bounces when you hit road imperfections that throw you out of the seat?
  12. Rear Spoiler Color Match

    LHT Performance has a few videos on youtube in Boost Blue with the wing color matched. There some results here as well.
  13. FL5 Swift Springs - installed now feedback / reviews?

    There's people that have been running the FK8 ones but the FL5 just came out. I dont think there's much difference but curious to know. I was emailing swift about them and seeing if they could make a custom set at 0.7" drop instead of 1". They didn't seem to be interested but let me know these...
  14. FL5 Swift Springs - installed now feedback / reviews?

    Let us know how they are and share some pics. These are most likely the ones I will get.
  15. 18x9.5+38 vs 18x9.5+45

    Maybe it depends on the height but im completely stock with maybe -1.8° front and there are absolutely no issues. I just got done with a track day at Road America and it was flawless. You may need more camber to fit the 275s on this setup but even -3.5 seems overkill unless you were slammed. I...
  16. 18x9.5+38 vs 18x9.5+45

    This is +38 with the strut pins removed and 265/35 on stock suspension If you want to run 275 I’d go +45.
  17. Remark Titanium Catback with Sexier Tips!

    Thanks for the quick reply. A natural titanium finish should not blue at the tips, as the heat required would have to be sustained over 950F. By the time the exhaust is out the back its too cold, but I have seen natural titanium exhausts start to darken and yellow. When referencing the JDM...
  18. Remark Titanium Catback with Sexier Tips!

    I think the Titanium exhausts tip size and shape look great, I just do not like the blued tips. I like more OEM+ looking parts. I would buy instantly if the option was to not have it burnt. As far as design goes, if they are looking at from scratch design I think the AWE team pretty much...