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  1. Haters

    On my way home someone throws an object out the window at my car and below is the result. Ive never seen anything like that before. Was turning and someone unloaded and did not get a great look. Damn you know. Going back to retrieve the object and turn in to local police.
  2. Engine Build Questions

    Hey All! Im thinking about future mods and 500+ hp and wondering if anyone knows what can be done to replace internal parts with racing upgrades. Thinking pistons, rings, rods etc. Lets get some gear head discussion going. I want 9k turbo charged rpms!
  3. Ambient Temperature

    So now that its warmer in the midwest, the transmission is wayyy smoother and I swear the car has gained 20hp (subjective guess). Its far better in warmer weather from what I can tell. Anyone in midwest experiencing the same or do I have a late bloomer on a stellar tank of gas?
  4. Air Dam Removal

    Anyone know if the air dam under the front lip can be easily removed for clearance in a steep driveway?
  5. Show Your FL5 MPG’s!!!

    30 miles 90% free flowing highway in comfort mode….
  6. Help! Broken Rivet

    Just snapped off a rivet trying to install rock guards. How do i get the remaining part of the rivet out?
  7. New Owner Observation / Stories

    So this is a thread on new owner observation. Here are mine - please add yours.. its been a few weeks since Ive taken delivery and had literally 7 people take pictures and two film with their phones from their cars while im driving. Several people and groups go nuts in their cars and two...
  8. Poll: My Plates

    Would love all your thoughts on what my plates should be!!!!
  9. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to All! Love ya All! Happy Thanksgiving! Its been a long run on the board and all thanks to Admin for putting up with me. Thanks for all of your insights, bs and humor - appreciate the shared passion and forum. Best to you and your Fam!
  10. PS4S Tire Compound (cold weather)

    I was doing some recon on the 4s and found that the compound runs the risk of cracking if under duress (flexing) in cold weather. Below is a description from Tire Rack describing it for this particular model of tire. That said, how do we (in the north) taking delivery in the winter, know that...
  11. The Official “Show Ya Snow Tires” Thread

    Let’s see those pics w snow tires as we in the north get ready for our annual 5 months of fun! Here is my waaay too early pic… W a fresh coat of Griots 3 in 1 ceramic.
  12. The FL5 Dealer ADM Markup Thread

    Now that the Type R is close to full release, let’s get a list going for dealer ADM’s. Hopefully this thread dies with a flood of MSRP. Let the fun begin…. Allegedly and subject to change: List here thanks to obscure_worship:
  13. Delivery Speculation

    If the FL5 is indeed made in Japan, they of course will need to be transported via RoRo ship. The larger RoRo ships can hold about 8k cars depending on size and configuration of both the boat and the cars it’s carrying. To keep the pricing consistent I would think that there would be one...
  14. My new FL1

    Sport touring hatch. Drove it 1,700 miles home from the dealership and averaged 38.2mpg on normal mode. Rides like a dream, tons of grip in the corners and leg room for miles in the back. Im smitten.
  15. New Type R Video Footage (Closeups!)

    Amazing close ups on the street! Catch the fever!!!
  16. Honda Type R Timeline and Milestones

    Interesting little read released today from Hondanews has the feel there is an imminent PR on the Type R forthcoming. https://hondanews.com/en-US/releases/release-5d911be38cf30e49d54f6cb4520a4d4a-honda-type-r-timeline-and-milestones
  17. Type R Record at the Ring?

    The riddle…. The Megane Trophy R which holds the lap record (for front wheel drive production cars “FWDPC”) at the Nurburgring (7:40.1) has a fastest lap time at Suzuka of 2:25.45. The 2023 Type R prototype set the FWDPC record at Suzuka with a time of 2:23.12 - almost 2.5 seconds faster than...
  18. Honda Civic Type R Spied Back At Nurburgring Just Before June Debut

    Ask the great nostrahondas…. The ring record is next… https://www.motor1.com/news/585290/honda-civic-type-r-spied-track/amp/ Footage
  19. Honda Collaboration Adds Special Civic Type R TCR Entry To Mid-Ohio IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Race

    Super cool entry representing the type R at Mid Ohio. https://hondanews.com/en-US/honda-racing/releases/release-0d5860f808ceb9825e662cfd5a06cbcf-honda-collaboration-adds-special-civic-type-r-tcr-entry-to-mid-ohio-imsa-michelin-pilot-challenge-race
  20. Official: 2023 Civic Type R To Be Revealed In June

    2023 Honda Civic Type R To Be Revealed In June: Official The next-generation Civic Type R was spied for the first time back in May 2020 but it wasn't until October 2021 when Honda teased the hot hatch. We've seen quite a few official previews since then, and now we finally know when that red...