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  1. Wheel & Tire Insurance

    I had a wheel tire plan through Allstate car Care (Purchased through the dealer for $895) That plan replaced 1 tire that got a nail in the sidewall, 1 bent aftermarket wheel, (OE Width and diameter) and refinished 2 of the stock wheels after I had my first ever run in with a curb just 2 weeks...
  2. FL5 Track Considerations

    A typical single day at NCM Motorsports Park is around $300, $500 for the weekend. If you're looking for cheaper track time the SCCA Track Night In America program has cheaper options than a regular track day.
  3. FL5 Track Considerations

    There is always some Jabroni in a clapped out Miata (I'm that Jabroni 😅 )
  4. FL5 Track Considerations

    The FK8 would let you fully turn off VSA in +R mode, but I'm not sure they carried that over. The pedal dance always works too
  5. FL5 Track Considerations

    As others have said, the only thing I'd change on the car to prepare it is flush with a good High Temp DOT 4 brake fluid. I personally run Motul RBF660, but the Castrol SRF or Endless stuff is great too. Having the local track shop align the car to get maximum camber from removing the factory...
  6. 23 Civic SI - Rattle/Buzzing sound thru the driver/passenger speaker when accelerating

    I occasionally get that on mine. Good luck getting the dealer to fix it though.
  7. In-Car GoPro Mount for Track Days

    I'd say its worth a shot, especially with the newer GoPros and stability features. I just have an old hero4 Session (2015), and its not too bad.
  8. Interior noises - rattles, creaks, squeaks!

    Granted I have an Si, but I had to get the lower seat frame replaced on it. My noises started off the same, and eventually it became loose enough you could wiggle it back and forth. They finally agreed to put in a new frame, after finding the bolts loose for the second time.
  9. $300 Small Brake Kit, Audi RS3 Brake Ducts and ARP Wheel Studs

    Great idea on the RS3 Brake ducts. That’s a super common thing to add on a MK7 GTI/Golf R. I had them on my MK7 GTI
  10. Are you happy with your SI ??

    If you don't actually need the huge backseat space of the Si, I personally would go Miata or GR86. theyre both better drivers cars, but are compromised on the things that the Si does phenomenally. I wish i would have trusted my gut and gone with one of those options instead of my MK7 GTI When I...
  11. FL5 (BS?) Autocross Thread

    Honestly it depends on your tolerance for sketchy when it comes to driving in the rain, and how competitive you want to be. The PS4S that the FL5 comes on is a phenomenal rain tire, and frequently used for torrential downpour autocross events, but is no where near the front when it comes to dry...
  12. Brake Ducts

    Even if you went the BBK route, you would still need to swap pads between track days and commuting. Otherwise you're going to have the same issues when it comes to street driving on the track pads. A BBK will really only help with the heat tolerance too, the stopping power isn't changed...
  13. Thoughts of a 2022 Civic Si Owner Over the Past Year

    A good set of pads and fluid should be more than fine for the casual track day. I know quite a few guys that track their 10th gens on the stock calipers with just pads and fluid. I know Hawk Brakes is currently working on getting pads to the market for the 11th gens too.
  14. Thoughts of a 2022 Civic Si Owner Over the Past Year

    I highly recommend getting lightweight wheels sooner than later. The Motegis I have are 18lbs a wheel.
  15. Boost Blue Autocrossing FL5 Type R - Build Journal

    For pax purposes I hope it goes to BS so I still have a chance 😅
  16. Money Shift. Should I be worried?

    Honda does log overrevs. May cause an issue with warranty further down the line, however unlikely since these cars seem to mechanically hold up well when stock. If you're tuned, the ECU flash counter is triggered anyways. Also for science, how far past redline did you go? I money shifted my NA...
  17. Tires For '19 Si

    I had the same tire come on my MK7 GTI I bought used back in 2019, and I hated them. I replaced them with the Michelin Pilot All Season 3 + then the BF Goodrich Comp2 All Season Plus after the michelins wore. Both of those options were leap years better than the stock Goodyears. I'm planning on...

    If the dealer cant get it from Honda, I'd wager a third party wont have one either. Also if you go that route it wont be covered by Honda, while this should be covered under warranty. I had to wait a couple of weeks when they had to replace my turbo assembly after the wastegate failed.
  19. Civic Si (L15CA) Reliability

    If they are the weaker rods its almost guaranteed due to cost savings. If the standard 1.5T rods meet the Honda durability requirements at the stock power level in the Si, Its really hard to convince the corporate bean counters to pay for a more expensive rod put in. Even if its only $0.10/rod...
  20. FL5 (BS?) Autocross Thread

    In the R&T PCOTY video. Matt Farah said second gear is good for 63mph. I'm hoping it goes into BS because it will be a weapon on my region's courses and the GS PAX didn't get any easier 😅