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Search results

  1. What does your individual mode look like for daily driving?

    This is what I’ve been running. I feel like the car is much more alive with the aggressive end of the settings, minus comfort for suspension.
  2. Audible clicking noise when shifting gears

    Does anyone else have an audible clicking noise around the shifter when shifting gears? I have noticed it more so when the car is cold and it mainly happens going into first, second and rear gears. It sounds like a popping click.
  3. Photos: Paint matched wing on FL5

    Someone posted some paint matched wing for a Rallye Red FL5. Here’s the pics. Who’s going to do this to theirs?
  4. Individual mode settings

    Hi guys. I’m having trouble with the display in +R mode. I would like to have the Honda logr information displayed in the center I.e. oil pressure, water temp, etc, but I am unsure how to get it there? Anyone able to provide some insight?
  5. Rear wiper blade issue

    Hey guys. I got my FL5 back from the detailer and I tried to use my rear wiper. It went towards the bumper and not in the normal direction and got stuck behind the lip of the trunk. Has anyone experience this issue before and know how to correct it?
  6. Winter Tire setup

    Hi all. I am starting this thread as a resource for all of us FL5'ers who live in a state where a winter tire setup is necessary. I am not too familiar with tires/wheels in general so I am looking for some advice on a practical winter tire set up for the FL5. I have read that this may be a good...
  7. Looming rail strike and transportation delays

    Hi everyone. I wanted to create this thread as the CTR's from Richmond port start making their way east. This can serve as a place to discuss and transportation delays or updates in regards to the looming strike that may be happening in December. The strike will impact freight rails, but also it...