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  1. Seeker Super Shift (Short Shifter) for FL5

    Having had this setup for the FK8, this is a very nice option for those not wanting to go the full shifter option from Acuity and Hybrid. Seeker are well known for their Honda tuning and parts and this is another loved mod for the Manual Hondas in Japan.
  2. Two Step Performance - Titanium Studs

    With the Turbo install gaining momentum, Titanium studs from Two Step Performance were a must for me to ensure you have all areas of the install covered. 4 for the Exhaust side 4 for the Engine Side 2 for the Inlet side (smaller) Do it right the first time is always a good mantra to live by...
  3. TSP - Cerakoted Valve Cover

    Spoon was out of stock with no ETA 😞 Had to give Corey and the Team at Two Step Performance a go with their cerakoted valve cover to match the 🥄🐌
  4. FL4 Boot well Liner

    It was a bit of a gripe when buying a car that there wasn’t any liner in the boot well which made an expensive car feel “cheap” The liner has both functions, one for keeping things in place as a compartment and the other as an insulating layer. The FL4 liner fits perfect in the FL5 and...
  5. Alplus Aero Guards - Another Solid Fender Solution

    Another awesome product from Australia 🦘 This time I’ve tried out the Alplus Aeroguards for the Fender vents and I must say I’m impressed! It’s really awesome to see different price points from which we can choose from for the fender vent solution.
  6. PRL Stage 1 Intake Hose Kit with Spoon Air Filter

    Spoon Air Cleaner X PRL Stage 1 Intake Hose Kit Definitely a good combo in my books before the big boys like Eventuri and GruppeM release their air intakes.
  7. Plug and Play Speaker Harness - DIY

    For those that have asked what plug the new 11th gen Civics use for the speakers, they use the Sumitomo 060 Type HX plugs. For those wanting to make their own harnesses or make a few with other enthusiasts here is the video on how to make them:
  8. Rear Speaker Replacement

    Managed to find the same speaker set for the rears. Just need the speakers to break in but overall its a nice improvement after driving a stock car for a few days. Will be posting how to make the plug and play harness soon so stay tuned!
  9. Dixcel M - Brake Pads

    Got fed up with the stock pads making the G025’s dirty even after one drive. Decided to use the Dixcel M pads that are much better for daily purposes.
  10. Plug and Play Front Door Speaker Install

    Since we don’t have Bose here, I’ve just decided to change the front mids. I’ve made some home made harnesses that make the install a lot easier and essentially plug and play. Some sound deadening here and there and its a lot better than the flimsy stock speakers.
  11. NGK Premium RX - Ruthenium Spark Plugs

    These have been a proven solid spark plug option for my FK8s with the Okada Plasma Coils, so just doing the plugs for now on the FL5 😉
  12. Flapfab Stone Guards

    Flapfab stone guards are awesome for those that don’t like the aesthetics mud guards provide. Quality and precision is top notch, such an awesome product.
  13. Battery Ground Wire Upgrade

    Did this for both the FK8’s when I had them. Marginal yet weirdly satisfying effects afterwards - car feels smoother and a little more responsive.
  14. Rays Volk Racing G025 installed on FL5

    Been tossing up between Enkei, SSR and Rays when an opportunity came up for some Rays G025’s. The wheel Sizing is 19x9.5 44 offset in shining black. The stock PS4S in 265/30/19 have been reused. Weight is about 9.2kg vs the stock 12.1kg so you can definitely feel the weight savings.
  15. The Hidden Rear Jacking Point

    Needed the rear of the car up to work on but couldn’t find the rear jacking point for some time. Was about to give up then I found the culprit hiding behind the diffuser!
  16. Fender Vent Mesh installed on FL5

    Saw a big rock/stone sitting in between a fender one morning and decided to do something about it. I’ve attached a template that I used to make the fender vent mesh but make sure you measure it and your printer prints the template in 100% ratio.
  17. FINALLY - Clean Rear Dash Cam Install (no drilling or wires sticking out)

    Really was starting to give up on the clean install for the rear dash camera until I had a light bulb moment 💡- no drilling or wires sticking out. It’s quite a tight space to tuck in the cabling but not impossible to do so have patience and make sure to prepare two pry tools to make the job...
  18. Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushings

    One of the mods I’m enjoying quite a lot is the Hybrid Racing shifter cable bushing. While the battery was out I decided to tackle it and yes while I could have taken the intake off, I felt lazy and I am famed for having small hands so I can work around things with ease 😂 This really makes the...
  19. Battery Replacement

    Was offered a replacement battery for a really good price so decided to try it out. Gained a bit more cranking amps and capacity hours but also saved a good 2kg / 4.4lbs of weight from the factory battery. Seems like North America and other Markets have different CCA ratings despite being the...
  20. Wireless Android Auto Activation

    A friend was teasing me how an expensive Honda Civic doesn’t have Wireless Android Auto so started digging around in the diagnostics sections to see what can be done. Funnily enough it is present as an option but I do also suggest that you use with caution (also with a newer android) since this...