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Search results

  1. Wing enhancement

    I always felt the Oem wing was lacking alittle bit of flare but also didn’t want to shell out for the Optional Cf wing.. well this added the spicy flavor I was looking for!
  2. Carbon Fiber Center console inlays.

    Fit like a glove. Similar to the Rhd market ones but without all the red in it.
  3. Rays 57 Pron

    Rays 57Dr 18x9.5 +38 Continental Extreme Contact Dws 265/35 Enjoy some pron.
  4. What tuner lug nuts to get??

    Getting aftermarket wheels. What’s a good tuner lug nut to go with? Conical Open ended? Steel or aluminum?
  5. Sunglass holder! Why doesn’t the R have it…

    Here’s a simple solution to the R lacking a sunglass holder..
  6. Metal buttons everywhere!

    Who wishes their civic was slight more upscale.. I figured it has a metal theme going on anyways. Let me know what ya think!