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Search results

  1. I stumbled across a better aftermarket radiator

    Better? I'm not sure, but I am intrigued. I bought some Mugen LED mirrors from BlackhawkJapan, because I like the increased field of view but I don't tape things onto my car (ahem... Spoon). Anyways, I was going through the other stuff they've got for sale and I found this radiator: M&M HONDA...
  2. Enlightening read on wheel offset and effects on suspension and steering

    If you've searched for wheels, you might be aware that just about every aftermarket wheel is +38 or +45 offset for the FL5. The OEM wheels are +60. Everyone seems to agree that less offset looks best, but seem to ignore the negatives. Anecdotally, people speak about tramlining, torque steer...
  3. Any feedback on engine torque mounts?

    Given the pitchy nature of FWD cars, my first modification is nearly always engine mounts. On my FA5 I used window weld in the torque mounts to really great effect. I purchased Hasport mounts which rattled the car so badly, even at 62A, and the switch to a good 3M window-weld application was...