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civic 1.5 turbo

  1. 1.5T Injen Technology 2022+ Civic & Civic Si Cold Air Intake System

    Hello CivicXI community! Injen Technology is proud to introduce our new SP Aluminum Series Cold Air Intake System for the 2022-2023 Honda Civic & Civic Si L4-1.5L Turbo! Here is some product info... Direct fit for: 2022-2023 Honda Civic L4-1.5L Turbo 2022-2023 Honda Civic Si L4-1.5L Turbo...
  2. 23 Civic Si Part Number for Bracket on Chargepipe

    Can anyone tell me how I can get one of these brackets? I’ve searched everywhere online. I misplaced mine while doing the PRL intercooler charge pipe upgrade.
  3. 1.5T Need Ktuner V2

    Hi there, is anyone selling Ktuner V2 in the US?
  4. 10th gen sport hatch intake on si

    I just installed a K&N intake form hatch sport 10th gen
  5. How to update ECU version?

    I am one of the very fews that could not utilize the oil dilution update and still need to update the ecu in order to use the latest version of ktuner to get all the features I want. However, I finally was able to tlak to a service tech and gave me the price of $135 + plus tax. Is there any...