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  1. My New 2022 Civic Touring (Meteorite Gray)

    Hey all, I'm migrating from the Mustang6g forums (2015 Mustang GT 6spd) to this new forum with the trade of my car last night for a new 2022 Civic Touring in Meteorite Gray! I basically bought this one right off the truck, still had plastic over everything, 2mi on the odometer and was not even...
  2. WB: Ktuner V2 preferably from Canada

    Hey guys, I’m looking into possibly getting a Ktuner V2. The prices to get these in CAD is pretty expensive . Looking to see if anyone in Canada has one for sale or is thinking of selling theirs for a good price . Located in the Ottawa, ON region. Thanks !
  3. Goodyear Eagle® Sport All-Season Tires for Sale

    Sale Price : $150 per tire/ $554.99 for Set Specifications: Tire Size: 235/40R18 Speed Rating: W (168 mph) Load Index: 95 (1521 lbs) Sidewall: Black Product Code: 109063366 Tread Life: 50,000 miles Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 560/A/A Max Inflation Pressure: (PSI)50 Approved Rim Width...
  4. Civic Type R Parts Available for Pre-ORDER!!!

    Hey guys, the vehicle has just been released and we are getting a large influx of CTR owners. We have already added wheels and lug nuts to our FK8 page. So here is what we got so far: http://www.kamispeed.com/Honda-Civic-Type-R-Parts-s/23228.htm Key Wheel Information for new Users: 18's...