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Dec 22, 2020
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Toronto, Canada
2020 Honda Civic EX
So... I'm a 10th gen Civic owner and proud to say over at CivicX I have a bit of a "following" and a ton of posts. Take that for what it's worth. I also try to be fairly objective.

Here's my main issue with what Honda has done with the 11th gen. Just my opinion and feel free to disagree.

I've owned Hondas going way back to my '84 CRX, '87 Integra and '94 Civic. The one common denominator was that they were reliable, fun and small cars. It's that last thing that bothers me about the 11th gen.

Honda not only has given the 11th gen a more subdued, less sporty look, it's not "Civic-size" anymore. The 10th was already getting bigger. At 3100 pounds or so in Touring form, the 11th's not lightweight either. Honestly, it's pretty much just the Accord's slightly smaller brother.

The interior is great. I'm sure it's more refined than the last gen. Better tech. But at this point, they may as well change the name because the Civic has lost some of it's charm.
With the 10th gen, even the most ignorant about cars person would immediately think it is a Civic. The 11th gen? A lot of people are mistaking them for an Accord, and the back just looks a lot like a Jetta.
I also see that the vents look harder to clean, and are lower due to that iPad infotainment display that sticks out. The 10th gen has a better design, with vents that are easier to clean, and are above the infotainment screen while the dashboard still being decently low and good visibility.