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FS: OEM Civic SI 6MT shift boot & Touring steering wheel garnish


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Sep 8, 2018
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Halifax, NS
2019 Honda Civic Hatchback LX
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Just traded in the 17 civic coupe LX for a 19 hatchback and I'm selling interior trim upgrades I made in the old car, since the new one calls for some different parts. This thread is paired down from the previous version, since some of the other stuff sold.

SI shift boot can go since I'm not driving a manual anymore. Main reason I made this upgrade was that the collar at the top of the leather boot clips properly onto the CTR and SI shift knobs (had a CTR knob, but it's sold). The more basic LX/EX ones do not fit, so the leather boot wasn't staying put. Also, red stitching. Install is seamless.

The other one that's going is the lower garnish (front piece of bottom spoke) of the steering wheel, which is a nice aesthetic upgrade over the all-black one that comes on the LX (and maybe others? Not sure).

Private message me or reply to the thread with the part name(s) and number(s) you're interested in. Feel free to make an offer if you want to win quick. I'm looking to move the parts ASAP (so I can spend money on the same kind of stuff for the new baby). I'm also happy to give explanations of the install process for each part, if you're unsure.

Asking prices are in CAD. Best offers win. I'll accept Paypal and the order will be shipped out within 24 hrs of payment received.

I'm located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and can ship anywhere in Canada or USA. Distance may affect shipping speed and cost, but it seems like it's generally under $30 (CAD).

1. SOLD $60 CAD ($38 USD) SI shift boot [PANEL ASSY., ESCUTCHEON *NH900L* (MT)(DEEP BLACK)] [77296-TBF-A01ZA]
2. $30 CAD ($23 USD) Touring Steering wheel garnish [Garnish (Lower) *NH900L* (Deep Black)] [78540-TBA-A10ZA]




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