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PRL Motorsports Air / Oil Separator Product Development - Revisited

PRL Motorsports

Premium Performance Products
Jan 26, 2017
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Export, PA
2017 Civic Si, 2016 Civic EX-T, 2018 Type R
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As some of you may recall, we had previously began development for 10th Gen Civic 1.5T Air / Oil Separator back in 2018 that was ultimately placed on the backburner. Our Product Development Team decided to shift efforts into increasing production efficiency and expanding our horizons by creating new/more offerings for other relative platforms such as the FK8 Civic Type-R, 10th Gen Accord(s) and 11th Gen Civic. We did not forget about this project, though, it has been on our mind since the original announcement of development.

Good things come to those who wait.

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Over the years PRL Motorsports has evolved quite a bit with our production capabilities and designs. During the time of initial AOS Development we were proud of, yet limited, by our machining capabilities. Sure, we could machine a pretty slick looking billet AOS / catch-can with ease. However, the difficult part for us was being able to offer this to the community at a cost-effective price due to the lengthy machine time, assembly of these numerous components and cost of numerous custom fittings. Today, we now have experience with other manufacturing methods, such as investment casting. Using aluminum investment casting instead of CNC machining will allow us to integrate many of our design's complex features that once required multiple pieces and operations into many fewer components. In turn, this gives us the ability to keep costs down, while also being able to drastically increase production speeds once molds are complete. We will still be using some machining for intricate finishing, such as threads, O-rings and top/bottom end caps. Most importantly, this casting process will allow us to implement one of the most innovative and effective designs in the automotive market yet!

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More information such as internal concept design pictures to come soon, as well as a name we will be giving this AOS. Our goal is to make this can as universal as possible, with specific hoses/brackets to fit the 10th Gen Civic, FK8 Civic Type-R, 11th Gen Civic & 10th Gen Accords. Stay tuned!



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Feb 18, 2016
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Civic EJ6 ; Civic FK7G4
Your team has data showing the need of the item for the 11th generation engines? I'm still skeptical about the need of this product...can you share info/data that support the time/money invested?

Many thanks!