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Jun 5, 2024
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Civic e:HEV Sedan
Since its not documented on the internet from the couple of times i looked it up nor in the available service manual, i just went ahead and probed the socket for accessories in the fuse box based on some harnesses sold on amazon Japan.

This is the socket in the fusebox diagram:
11th Gen Honda Civic Under-Dash Fuse box 6-Pin Optional Socket Pinout Diagram

You can locate it in the car if you remove the plastic cover under the steering wheel, and its marked with a J indicator:
11th Gen Honda Civic Under-Dash Fuse box 6-Pin Optional Socket Pinout Fusebox.JPEG

Now for the socket in question, while the matching 6-pin connector housing for it is the same as the one used in previous generations of the Civic, Accord, CRV and many others, the pinout is NOT the same.

11th Gen Honda Civic Under-Dash Fuse box 6-Pin Optional Socket Pinout Screenshot 2024-06-05 171855

1 - Powered when the driving lights are on.
2 - Powered when the car is in accessory mode (Radio on).
3 - Powered when the drivetrain is On.
4 - Constant power from the 12V battery (my car already came with a 20A fuse installed in position 18).
5 - Powered when the ignition is On (Instrument cluster is on).
6 - Powered when the the car is in Reverse.

Safe to say that one shouldn't really install devices that draw too much power from this socket since only pin 4 is fused, the other 5 pins should ideally only be used as signal wires for a relay if you want to use them to control something else.

PS: I would also like to add that the pinout was taken from my specific model ( e:HEV sedan made in Thailand), so there is a possibility that pin #3 could be energized only when the Alternator is charging the 12V battery on a non hybrid model. Would appreciate if more people could also double check the entire pinout on other trims.

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