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Mar 3, 2022
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Guam, USA from Puerto Rico (USAF)
Civic Si 2022, Honda Acty 1995, Kia Telluride
Phearable.Net & John Vega did it again. Amazing tune 🔥 Not a pro doing videos but practice makes perfection 👏🏽

- Custom tune with extensive development for use stock vehicles or vehicles with bolt-ons such as intake, turbo inlet pipe, intercooler, downpipe, front pipe, exhaust.
- Compatible with various intakes including STOCK INTAKE, PRL COBRA Street or Race MAF (RETROFIT), PRL HVI Street, other stock size. (Choose intake when ordering).
- REAL DynoJet results 246 HP 291 TQ on a completely stock Honda Civic si 1.5L turbo vehicle using 93 octane.
- REAL DynoJet results 234 HP 274 TQ on a completely stock Honda Civic si 1.5L turbo vehicle using 91 octane.

- Power Gains: 64 Hp 99 Tq Over Stock 32 Hp 69 Tq Over Ktuner starter 23 basemap on 93 octane.
- Revhang Disabled
- Optimized Fan Control Parameters
- End User Adjustable Sensor Disables
- Custom Ramped First Gear Boost Limit For Traction
- Advanced VSA (User adjustable)
- Optimized Throttle Responsiveness
- 6800 Rpm Revlimit
- Launch Control at 3200 rpms (User adjustable)
- On The Fly Map Switching (User adjustable)
- 3 Adjustable power levels on the fly using cruise control buttons:
Level 1: Low Boost / ~16psi** (194 HP 191 TQ)
Level 2: Medium Boost / ~23psi** (223 HP 258 TQ)
Level 3: High Boost / ~25.5psi** (246 HP 291 TQ)
*Power level target is the same with or without sport mode enabled.
**Maximum boost pressure target is an approximation, and may vary due to atmospheric conditions and other conditions.
Note: For use with a stock turbo only. An aftermarket turbo will need a custom tune.

Fuel Octane:
We offer a 93 octane and 91 octane version.
You may use a 93 octane tune if you plan on running 91 octane + 1.5 gallons of ethanol to increase octane.
Use of lower quality fuel may result in elevated k.con values which will increase knock retard.
This tune is not compatible with a flex fuel kit.
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