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exhaust mod

  1. Using a si exhaust for a sport

    Ok I got a question everyone knows that 27won has a new exhaust system out for the 22si right? Good so my question is has anyone thought of using that exhaust on a 22sport model? And if so let me see them
  2. 2022+ Honda Civic Exhaust System Development

    Our team is constantly thinking of ways to improve and add more flavor to the PRL Motorsports product line. Over the years we have received an overwhelming amount of inquiries regarding exhaust system development, but unfortunately were not able to take on this workload in the past. Now that our...
  3. PRL catless downpipe used for 2k miles

    Purchased a catless downpipe used it for roughly 2k miles and decided to go catted instead. Is the version 2 with tabs for oem heat shielding! Brand new goes for 350 I'm looking for 300 obo