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rv6 performance

  1. NEW Drop-In Turbo for the 11th gen 1.5T w/ Impressive Gains! || Two Step Performance

    Recently, we had quite the fun with @RV6's new R365 RED Turbocharger for the 11th gen 1.5T, and we just had to share this with you guys. Featuring dual ceramic ball-bearings, a high flow compressor, and a 9-blade turbine, this twin-scroll 50mm turbocharger is a must-have upgrade for those...
  2. RV6 K20C2 Downpipe confirmed fitment

    K20C2 guys, chiming in to confirm fitment for @RV6 downpipe. Install was a breeze, plenty of room to work with in the engine bay. Installation time was around an hour and I was taking my time. I won’t go into detail on the install as there are a million 10th gen how to’s for this and the...