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  1. NEW Short Shifter for the 11th gen Civic / 5th gen Integra @ TSP!

    @HybridRacing has developed yet another incredible short throw shifter for the 11th gen Civic / 5th gen Integra! This next-gen design offers a more durable, smoother, and very rewarding driving experience. Featuring: - Adjustable knob height & position - Shorten throw up to 50% - Shorten gate...
  2. TSP FE1: a spicy Si

    One of our passions at TSP is taking a stock, turbocharged car and adding a little...✨spice✨. We've applied this to many of our builds, and are applying it to our 2023 Civic Si as well. Fun fact: our Si was the tester car during Stage One+ and Stage 2's development. Check out the progress so...
  3. FREE Titanium Inlet Pipe Stud Kit Offer @ TSP

    Hey guys! This week only (9/5 - 9/10) we are offering (1) FREE Titanium Inlet Pipe Stud Kit* with the purchase of a PRL FL5 Turbo Inlet Pipe. These studs are a must-have upgrade for those who are constantly tinkering with their ride and want the best. *Not compatible with 27WON Kuro.
  4. NEW Drop-In Turbo for the 11th gen 1.5T w/ Impressive Gains! || Two Step Performance

    Recently, we had quite the fun with @RV6's new R365 RED Turbocharger for the 11th gen 1.5T, and we just had to share this with you guys. Featuring dual ceramic ball-bearings, a high flow compressor, and a 9-blade turbine, this twin-scroll 50mm turbocharger is a must-have upgrade for those...
  5. NEW Titanium Hardware Kits @ TSP!

    Let’s talk Ti. It’s no secret that some of the factory hardware on modern Hondas is not the best. While it certainly gets the job done, they can break, seize, and rust super easily. This is very irritating for those of us who love to modify our cars. The solution? TSP’s Titanium hardware...
  6. FBO, 91 octane 2022+ Si Tester Needed @ TSP

    Hey guys, We are in need of another FBO 2022+ Si to test a tune for us. The upgrade requirements are as follows: - Intake - Downpipe - Intercooler - Flex Fuel Kit - Clutch - KTuner V2 - Access to 91 octane If you meet these requirements and are interested in street testing, please let us know!
  7. New Locking Security Screws @ TSP!

    Hey guys! Earlier this week, we launched our Locking Security Screws for the 2023+ Civic Type R. When we first got our hands on our FL5, one of the (many!) things that really stood out to us was the wing and how easily it can be stolen. We wanted to provide a solution to that as more FL5s hit...
  8. New High Efficiency Downpipe for 2.0L Turbo || Two Step Performance

    Hey guys! Last week, we launched the first batch of our High Efficiency Downpipe for the 2.0T platform. This includes: - 2017+ Type R - 2023+ Type R - 2018+ Accord - 2018+ RDX - 2018+ TLX No tune required. No CEL. Bolts right up to most aftermarket frontpipes (and factory, of course). 😎...
  9. 22 Civic Si Phearable 1.5 Vs 22 Civic Si TSP tune (VIDEO)

    Phearable 1.5 Vs. TSP. Also, a completely stock Si Vs. another Stock Si with Phearable tune. Enjoy!
  10. Any Updates on Tunes for Si?

    Any updates on custom tunes for Si? Phearable, TSP or others?