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2022 civic si

  1. All weather floor liner

    Hi, I am picking up my brand new Honda Civic Si this Wednesday and I am looking for a a set floor line that has great coverage (esp the dead pedal). please sendsome recommendations PS I live in Canada and I can’t get Lasfit brand
  2. 27WON 70a rear motor mount Installation

    Is it worth it? 100% worth it! You feel the difference instantly. You feel the torque right away because the engine is not flexing anymore.
  3. HondaLink issues...

    Hi! So I recently got a 2022 Honda Civic Si. Everything works execpt for HondaLink. The headunit says the phone is connected BUT the account isn't connected to the car; eventhough I am signed in on my phone paired to the car via bluetooth. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with latest...
  4. Hondata FlashPro Civic 2022 Si+ Turbo 1.5 US | CARB Tunes

    CARB FLASHPRO We have been working hard testing and developing the CARB tunes for the 2022 Civic Si. The performance gains are huge with a simple upload from our Plug-N-Play FlashPro system. Our Si now has over 1,000 miles and the development was done with California 91 octane. *EPA/CARB...
  5. The Real Horsepower Rating of the New 2022 Civic Si | Dyno Results

    Forgot to post on here but I was had the chance to meet up with Daniel to put my new 2022 Civic Si on the dyno. If you don't follow the YouTube channel, check out this video we made. Dyno results at 12:35
  6. KTuner 2022+ Civic Si Tune Results - Fantastic Gains!

    Hello CivicXI Enthusiasts! We've had many of you contact us about the 2022 Civic Si with all of the recently created buzz and we're very pleased to show off our results. Huge thanks to @D-RobIMW for arranging the test car and dyno time! We started off with a brand new Civic Si that had 1000...
  7. 2022 Civic Si Dragy Results: 0-60, 40-100, 1/8 mi, 1/4 mi, 1/2 mi

    Had the chance to do a couple of runs in the new 2022 Honda Civic Si using the Dragy. The car can clearly get better times with better traction but this is a good start to show real world conditions on an average CA road. Personal Best Dragy results from all runs (clearly tires spin): 0-60mph...
  8. Tuned 2022 Civic Si - Hondata FlashPro - CARB Pending - Big Gains!!!

    We now have a preliminary tune for the Honda Civic Si utilizing our FlashPro system. We are continuing to test and develop our 11th gen Civc products, so If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  9. First Video Driving Review & Impressions of 2022 Civic Si - Pulls & Dig!

    If you follow the channel (Ososik Media), just purchase/took delivery on the 11th gen Civic Si. For the first real drive, I invited some old fellow 10th Gen Civic Si owners to join the ride. PhongVLG & SiKevzter. Click the link below to watch the full review and stay tuned/follow me on all...
  10. Purchasing and Delivery of my new 2022 Civic Si - Ososik

    Hello All, I figured the first official post should be a video of me taking delivery of my new 2022 Civic Si! I still have both Civic X but I am excited to apply what we learned from that 1.5 platform.