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Modification questions 10th Gen EX-T CVT 2019


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Apr 20, 2021
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19 Civic Ex-T CVT
whats up! I hope all of you are well, Im new to the forum been doing alot of reading here and learning. mostly about the CVT and low key performance mods. since its my daily and dont want to kill my CVT. my driving habits is I dont have a lead foot pretty conservative, I do like to push it on the highway, I dont floor it from stop.
My goal, it to have a fun daily, to push it every now and again. and do most of work with my son and myself build a fast reliable sleeper car :)

my mod list so far - no external mods besides side markers/Led conversation lights/ painted black calipers with honda logo. :)
CVT EX-T 2019. 14k Florida hot 24/7

PRL CAI cobra street.

vibrant resonator with muffler delete

white line rear sway bar

running VTUNE stage 0
would like to run it on stage 1 with help.

i have a couple of questions.

engine/tran Oil coolers- any benefits? and worth it? does it void warranty, just curious?

Coolant-makes a difference? any specific brand i should be looking lit for?

aftermarket Intercooler/with out piping- Im in FL - worth it?

any suggestions on the cooling side would be appreciated, thank you.

and whats a good intake temp?

also, in KTUNE the misfire feature is disabled should I be concerned?

With my specs now should I run stage 1 tune on the base map from Ktune?
or should i pick up pherable.net tune? or other?

Thoughts on Whiteline lowering springs? thinking of converting my whole front an rear with their links and mounts and their gear.

Differential!!!!?!? will this help my CVT?

thank you all Sorry for the list of questions but i really appreciate the help!