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11th gen civic si

  1. Maryland 11th Gen Civic Si - Complete Set of New Centric Premium Front and Rear Brake Rotors

    Complete set of brand new Centric Premium pair of Front and pair of Rear rotors. Purchased these as spare set of rotors for use on Track days. I have sold my Si and no longer need these. They are brand new in Factory packaging. Local pick up / meet. Asking $145 OBO for the complete set.
  2. 1.5T Injen Technology 2022+ Civic & Civic Si Cold Air Intake System

    Hello CivicXI community! Injen Technology is proud to introduce our new SP Aluminum Series Cold Air Intake System for the 2022-2023 Honda Civic & Civic Si L4-1.5L Turbo! Here is some product info... Direct fit for: 2022-2023 Honda Civic L4-1.5L Turbo 2022-2023 Honda Civic Si L4-1.5L Turbo...
  3. Modified 2022 Civic Si 1/4 Race Video

    My Mods: - Ktuner v1.2 with Phearable Stage 1.5 tune - PRL Intercooler & Pipes - PRL HV Intake - PRL Resonator Delete Kit - PRL FrontPipe - 27WON Downpipe - 27WON Rear motor mount - Whiteline lower springs - Enkei TS-5 Wheels 18x9.5 +38 w All SeasonTires - OEM HPD Lip Kit -Remark Exhaust -LasFit...
  4. California Cold air intake

    Hey guys it’s my first time ever joining a forum let alone posting. I’m just looking to sell a Prl cobra intake system for the 10th gen si I currently have it installed on my 11th gen but I’m looking to get one for my gen. I’ve only had it installed for a month and a friend of mine said forums...
  5. 10th gen si down pipe on 11th gen si

    Yesterday on October 7 2022 I have confirmed that a 10th gen down pipe fits with no modifications this includes but not limited to Prl cat/catless Plm cat/catless 27won cat/catless Those three I have 100% confirmed fit witch is leading me to believe that all fit. Hope this helps
  6. Aftermarket Clutch

    Looking for Any clutch,Retro fit for my 11th Gen Si.Ran Ktuner 21 psi and Noticed Slipping right around 3000 rpms.Websites and Links appreciated
  7. Downpipe and frontpipe

    Hello everyone.I was looking to Do a dp and fp upgrade soon.Is it a good idea?I have ktuner 21psi running on it and haven’t had any clutch slippage.Should I purchase a clutch first?
  8. Ktuner for 11th gen Civic - first time questions

    Hey fellow civic owners.So I have a 11th gen civic si and I’m gonna be slapping ktuner on today.Just a few questions before I do so.What should I go starter dual 2 18 psi or 19.5 without doing any damage.I had ktuner on around 600 miles and the torque couldn’t handle the tires lol.Also what...
  9. The Real Horsepower Rating of the New 2022 Civic Si | Dyno Results

    Forgot to post on here but I was had the chance to meet up with Daniel to put my new 2022 Civic Si on the dyno. If you don't follow the YouTube channel, check out this video we made. Dyno results at 12:35
  10. PRL Motorsports 11th Gen 2022+ Civic Si Baseline Dyno Test

    Last week we picked up our Sonic Gray Pearl 2022 Honda Civic Si (FE1). We will be using this vehicle test, develop and install our products in an effort to continue pushing Honda's 1.5L L15 platform. Like all of our previous shop cars, we will be providing baseline dyno numbers to test...
  11. 2022 Civic Si Dragy Results: 0-60, 40-100, 1/8 mi, 1/4 mi, 1/2 mi

    Had the chance to do a couple of runs in the new 2022 Honda Civic Si using the Dragy. The car can clearly get better times with better traction but this is a good start to show real world conditions on an average CA road. Personal Best Dragy results from all runs (clearly tires spin): 0-60mph...
  12. PRL Brings Home a 2022 11th Gen Civic Si

    Our team was lucky enough to bring home a Sonic Gray Pearl 2022 Civic Si this morning, and woah, what a great car! Though we weren't dissatisfied with the previous 10th Gen Civic chassis, Honda has definitely made a ton of obvious improvements with the 11th Gen chassis. The ride quality...
  13. First Video Driving Review & Impressions of 2022 Civic Si - Pulls & Dig!

    If you follow the channel (Ososik Media), just purchase/took delivery on the 11th gen Civic Si. For the first real drive, I invited some old fellow 10th Gen Civic Si owners to join the ride. PhongVLG & SiKevzter. Click the link below to watch the full review and stay tuned/follow me on all...