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Nov 21, 2020
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BMW X2 M35i
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Good points to make. Depending on the feedback/sales of the 11th gen, Honda could do a more substantial update in 3 years time. And as you said, 5 years time could see a lot of change, both in powertrains, sales trends, gas prices, new models, etc etc.

I want to be optimistic that Honda has some strategy to this new gen. They know its going to be polarizing to those that loved the 10th gen styling. However, I think we may be in for some welcome surprises in regards to the new gens refinement, available tech/safety, and even performance upgrades over the 10th gen, both to keep the civic class leading as well as make it an even more tempting option in a crossover crazed market, people on the fence over the civic or something like the HRV/CRV might be wooed to the civic if the car makes a dynamic proposition.
I think in some sense Honda could pull off this Gen. I feel like at the MMC they will incorporate some type of Hybrid system. I know these civics will sell because a lot of people around my age hardly car for SUV’s. Let’s wait and see. I know once it comes out to my dealer I will more then likely test drive one and snap pictures.